Star Wars: Padme Amidala The Handmaiden Gown Dress

Padme Amidala cosplay costume, Star Wars: Padme Amidala The Handmaiden Gown Dress
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According to the Prequels, when Queen Padme, a brave and passionate woman, is threatened, she disguises herself as a handmaiden and uses her handmaidens for deceit. I won't comment on the contradiction but instead will focus on the costume.


Padme assumes an assistant to the Queen, whose uniform appears to be inspired by fire. The primary material of simple velvet, hooded and striped robes. They are dyed to produce a range of colors, including orange at the hood and yellow at the lower hem. You can see the bright red underdress through the sleeves and slit sleeves of the robes. A red sash completes the look.
It has a monk-like appearance, which reminds me of Shaolin monks and Tibetan monks. It is logical, considering the Asiatic solid influences the designs for her character had in The Phantom Menace.
The hood itself and the way it frames the face are more reminiscent than anything else of Franciscan monks' clothing, which is a curious mix.
Where did this whole flame thing come? Not mentioned in the story that any traditions fire-related to the Naboo culture. It is a watery planet with many lakes and deep oceans. This flame design is more appropriate for a world like Tatooine. Please don't attempt to solve it with Lucas' logic.
However, I decided not to write an article about this design because it was too simplistic and had very little to be said. It's beautiful, but it's hard to write more than two lines.
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