How to style a bob haircut

A bob is a type of haircut worn short around the head. The hair at the front of the head is usually longer than the hair at the back of the head. Bobs are commonly worn by women, though some men wear them too. Bobs are a very popular hairstyle because they can work on many different face s

The short hairstyles that we’re going to show you today are a great beginner’s option because they fit any hairstyle you’re likely to have. If you already have a rough cut, then these styles will stimulate a more prominent part of your fringe which can be used to style your updo or crowning.
Brides don’t need to wait for all of the styling to be put in place. We’ve made a short tutorial for you to get you starting or returning to a modern style you love. We’ll start by giving you some important style guidelines from both the style creator Dax Ramshaw and the skilled stylist Nicole Montañez. Make sure to follow their tips to ensure your experience is painless. After that, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to maintain your hair in the style.

This style works best with medium puffs on the sides of your head and medium puffs on the top. The hair texture configurations should be versatile because they can be worked with either hot products or cold products. If you love the versatility of medium puffs, then decorate your updo with medium puffs as accents.

Peek-a-boo! Employing a Bouncy updo may seem odd to some people, but it is a unique look that will help you achieve a pop of color in your hair. Try it out and let us know which updo we would choose to style our hair at the end of the tutorial! Here’s what Dax Ramshaw had to say about her own style:

“Peek-a-boo is one of those keysha cole new hair that was made for me since both my grandad and my husband wear them.


4. How to maintain your cut

Stay on top of your haircut and keep your hair cut short to maintain your look. If your hair grows out, you’ll be tempted to let it grow longer and it will take you longer to get your hair to look great again.

Hairdressers are in high demand at the moment. You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing someone has their hair cut short or cut in a trendy way.

You just have to learn how to cut your hair so that you won’t go through life with a mess of messy hair. A lot of people don’t know the basic things to cut a hair cut and have to live with hairdressing mistakes they made years prior.

If you haven’t heard of a bob cut before or maybe you just want to know how to structure a sleek afro, read on to see how to cut a bob.
This cut is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘bob’. It is a classic short and sleek hairstyle. It consists of short layers, a fade, and a medium length fringe.

There are two styles used to cut a bob:

Here’s a cool video from YouTube that shows how to style the classic cut. The fade is K’yotchian for short, almost vertical hair on the top of the head towards the back of the head and the temples. The reason it is called the fade is because when people let their hair grow out a long time, it starts to look like a fade.

The medium length fringe is long curls, ombre, or ruffles or short waves. It is typically on top of the head and varies in length.
Short on top, but medium length on the sides

Long on the top and medium length on the sides
Styling a fade is easy. Just take your clippers, start at the top of the hair and slowly move back to reshape more of the hair to create a “clean” look.


Keep reading for the best tips and tricks for cutting bobs, from long layers to asymmetrical cuts!

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