Charcoal Machine: How You Can Make Biochar From Sawdust Efficiently In Russia

Did you know that by using a charcoal making machine you may recycle sawdust and transform it in to a item that has higher economic value? A fundamental sawdust biochar machine allows you to convert the biomass waste into sawdust biochar within just twenty or so minutes. What's more,

If you want to learn how to make biochar (usando una máquina para hacer carbón)from sawdust efficiently, for instance, Beston can present you with your own business plan and machinery price estimate. Further later on, the company also provide you with fast equipment installation services and operator training.

Past Sawdust Charcoal Machine Projects

Beston has customers from all across the globe. They already have successfully shipped and assembled sawdust charcoal machines in Spain, Ukraine, Russia and a lot more. Search for about successful cases in the manufacturer's official website. Many of the cases have photographs and videos showing Beston's biochar machines completely operational mode. One of the primary factors why the company is the go-to choice for biomass waste to charcoal equipment for most is simply because their machinery employs advanced carbonization technology, unique structural engineering, modern carbonizing furnaces, high-grade components, effective emission cleaning technologies and much more. The manufacturer's excellent after-sale services also helped to make them a famous global brand.

Sawdust To Charcoal Making Process

The procedure of converting sawdust into charcoal( involves four key stages: drying, carbonization, emission cleaning and discharging. The drying stage can be skipped if the raw materials have a moisture content below 20%. Once the drying stage, sawdust is transferred to the carbonization furnace by way of a belt conveyor system. As the temperature within the oxygen-sealed reactor begins to rise, combustible gas and biochar are made.

Beston's sawdust charcoal machines are fitted with residual gas emissions units, that have dedusting systems to get rid of all sulfur from your combustible gas. The combustible gas can also be sent through a condensing system to extract wood vinegar and wood tar. After passing from the purification systems, the resulting biogas is delivered to refuel the carbonizing furnace.

After carbonization, the sawdust charcoal inside the reactor is just too hot being directly collected. So, it is actually sent using a discharging system which includes an integrated air conditioning to lessen the temperature in the biochar for safe collection.

Sawdust Charcoal Machine End Products

The last products from the sawdust charcoal machine (carbón casero)are bio charcoal, wood vinegar, wood tar, and biogas. The main uses of sawdust charcoal include cooking fuel, soil fertilizer, and chemical processing. To use in the chemical industry and metal refinery industry, bio charcoal is changed into activated carbon. The positive aspect of sawdust charcoal is it has a quite high carbon content. This implies it has a high caloric value and produces little smoke during burning.

For people wondering about the value of the other byproducts from your sawdust to biochar process, you should realize that wood vinegar is definitely a good pest repellent. Wood vinegar is also non-toxic, so you can use it in mosquito repellent spray for youngsters.

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