3 must-have Prestashop Modules by Knowband

Prestashop is one of the most popular CMS systems that an eCommerce marketer can invest in. Marketers invest in Prestashop for so many reasons.

For instance, the ease of using the platform, the number of stunning modules, and many other are there. Hence, we will take out 3 must-have Prestashop Modules by Knowband that is absolutely stunning. In fact, they help the admin take their businesses to greater success. Well, we will look at the 3 must-have Prestashop modules in this blog. In addition, we will get to know the basics of those 3 must-have Prestashop Modules.


The 3 must-have Prestashop Modules by Knowband

Prestashop eBay Connector Module

The Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Addon by Knowband is there to increase your sales, revenues, and customer base. Further, the eBay Prestashop Connector Addon allows the admin to take full control of what happens with the products. In fact, the admin can create the profile, bulk upload the products, sync the store and marketplace, and do a lot more. Hence, investing in the Prestashop addon is a wise decision for any eCommerce marketer.


Prestashop One Page Checkout Addon

The second in the list of the 3 must-have Prestashop Modules is the Prestashop One Page Checkout module by Knowband. Furthermore, the addon has been sold more than 22000 times on Knowband and the Addon Store. In fact, it is the superb functionality of the Prestashop One Step Checkout and the customization/configuration that allows the admin to get bigger results in return. With the new feature where the admin can create multiple customer profiles, the modules have given another reason for the customer to be happy. Hence, they can complete the purchase without getting troubled and abandoning the cart.


Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon

Last on the list of the 3 must-have Prestashop Modules is the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Module. The Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Follow Up Module features an intention to curb the abandoned cart rate of the website. In fact, the abandoned cart is a term for every time a customer exits the store leaving products in the cart. In addition, no intention to buy them for various reasons. Hence, the admin allures them to complete the purchase right from where they left. Yes!! They don't have to start the entire process by adding the products to the cart. In fact, they can come to the checkout page and complete the purchase.


In the End

Last, here we are!! We have told you everything like we promised - a little about these 3 must-have Prestashop modules by Knowband. If you want to know more about these 3 must-have Prestashop modules, check out Knowband.

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