Outsourcing Office Cleaning Can Boost Efficiency

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If you're an office or facilities manager for a company responsible for the staff janitors, you may be able to improve service by outsourcing. Consider the real-world situations in places like New York City. It's routine for an NYC office cleaning service to significantly expand the daily checklist compared to what in-house staff can do. When you outsource, you save salaries plus the purchase and maintenance of the needed equipment. Cleaning contractors use more efficient work plans, train their people, and have the latest implements and equipment. Each of these contributes to efficiency gains you'll notice.

Gone are the days when untrained workers can hold cleaning roles in any company. Since the coronavirus pandemic, all are required to have proper knowledge in sanitizing and disinfecting products. Everyone now understands how quickly an outbreak can change everything, and companies must respond so their operations can continue. When you outsource, the contractor takes responsibility for staff training and the proper use of products. It takes the responsibility off your hands and gives your staff and management the peace of mind of knowing a trained crew is handling things.

When you outsource office cleaning, you can agree in advance with your contractor on a daily checklist of what needs to be done. Over time, you can add or change things on the checklist, and adjusting the work of your janitorial service has never been easier. Rather than a staff to manage, you have a single point of contact with the contractor's management, and you'll save time in countless ways. Looking back at how you handle things with in-house staff, you'll be amazed by the new simplicity along with improved results. As new methods and technology are introduced, you can have your contractor adjust.

The expectations of both employees and management have increased to facilities and office managers. The quality of daily cleaning service for everything from restrooms to entry reception areas is under greater scrutiny. Assuring these spaces are cleaned expertly and to the highest standards is essential. Keeping employees focused on their jobs and with good morale about working conditions leads to consistently higher productivity. Once upper management knows you handle things well every day, the comments will turn to thanks and praise. Keep your offices cleaner than they've ever been.


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