Bathroom cabinets should be purchased with the bathroom style

For a long time, I noticed that there is an obvious misunderstanding when people buy bathroom cabinets

For a long time, I noticed that there is an obvious misunderstanding when people buy bathroom cabinets, that is, they always think that the material is more important, and the non-solid wood is not selected. In fact, this is not the case. The more important thing about the bathroom cabinet is the workmanship. Only workmanship can highlight the better texture of bathroom furniture, which is more integrated with the bathroom, forming a good matching decorative effect.

At present, the most common types of bathroom cabinets on the market:

1. Solid wood bathroom cabinet

Advantages: high-grade, good texture, generally solid wood as the base material, painted surface treatment, 99% of the material is mainly rubber wood---that is, the Thai oak, Southeast Asian oak, etc. often referred to on Taobao. Rubber wood is very mature for making furniture. As long as the workmanship is proper, the paint film is thick enough, and the paint is qualified, there is no problem with moisture resistance.

Disadvantages: the price will be more expensive and the cost will be higher. The cost of rubber wood is not low, not to mention some materials such as red oak and white oak. The two of them are made of mahogany materials, and the whole cabinet is full of flowers. The whole cabinet reveals a strong atmosphere of being rich and unkind. Of course, I am off the topic. In addition to the high cost, there is a certain possibility of cracking. But this is too normal.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets are generally used to make high-end cabinets such as American, European, and French. But when it comes to solid wood, it will not actually be all solid wood. Generally speaking, in the category of solid wood, you only use solid wood where you can see it outside. But the bottom plate and laminate are generally made of multi-layer solid wood panels or Chinese fir. For example, inside the drawers, there are cabinet back panels and layered partitions. This is a profile.

2. PVC bathroom cabinet

Something: The PVC finish is sealed together with a moisture-proof board or MDF through a thermo-plastic process. As a cabinet body to manufacture bathroom cabinets. The advantages are that the colors are relatively rich, the moisture-proof performance is very good, the temperature is not afraid, and it is easy to clean up, the colors are really cute, and the price is cheap.

Disadvantages: thick plastic feel, looks a bit cheap. And over time, the color will always be a little yellow. A little talk about collocation and texture requirements of children's shoes, will not choose this material bathroom cabinet. However, due to its durability, it is actually a good choice to use in rental housing.

3. MDF bathroom cabinet

There are actually many types of MDF, the main ones are the base material and the face material. The base material determines the moisture resistance and the face material determines the decorative effect. Use multi-layer solid wood veneer, and also use high-density board + melamine veneer. In fact, in modern style products, MDF is the most used method. Because this kind of process has a very high degree of freedom, it can be made at high cost or low cost, so many brands of other brands have a considerable proportion of MDF cabinets in the product structure. Bathroom cabinets of this material can generally be used in modern and simple, Nordic, minimalist, Japanese styles and other styles. The core is that the shape is simple, and a good finish will have a good texture. The cost is actually cheaper than solid wood.

In addition to the most common three, there are of course bathroom cabinets made of other materials. For example, glass, resin, and stainless steel have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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