A custom golf club engineered to improve your performance

Professional golfers love custom made golf clubs because they’re tailor made to improve your performance and hit. Here are 5 ways a custom golf club can help you.

Agolfer always tries to improve their performance. Whether a professional golfer or a beginner, you may have practiced your swings countless number of times, yet you’re still not seeing the expected improvement. The reason for this lag need not be your lack of swing practice or technique, but your equipment. Luckily, there is one simple solution for players who are looking for a straightforward fix to this - custom made golf clubs. Getting a custom golf club is a good idea for any golfer looking to improve their performance and maximize skills. Achieving your goals gets easier with equipment that’s built to help you succeed. However, even with the best golf club in your hand, there is no way you can undermine talent and practice.


If you’re trying to discover inefficiencies in the game and aiming to avoid a degradation in your performance on the field, a club fitting service is the solution. Still not convinced? Here are five ways a custom golf club or a golf club set engineered to perform from Hensey Sports could help you. 


5 Ways Custom Club Fitting improves your game 


Better and efficient strikes  

Golfers who find that they are hitting off-center time, over and over, it could be a sign that your swing isn’t the issue but the golf club could be. It’s likely that you’re using a golf club made with incorrect weight or shaft length that is severely affecting your strength and swing. Hensey Sports uses the latest technology that ensures that each custom golf club delivers correct strength, tempo, or swing mechanics. Our approach’s motive is to bring the most distance potential from whatever clubhead speed you have. 

Consistent impact on field 

The biggest upside of using custom made golf clubs is that it’s tailored engineering supports how you impact the ball. You might be exercising various techniques like angle of the clubface, the path of the clubhead or where the ball gets stuck on the club’s face, but if you’re missing the spot you know Hensey Sports could help. We understand the core engineering of golf clubs and so, we fit a club with the correct face angle. 

It can correct misdirection

Custom club fittings can correct unintended misdirections so that you don’t miss the hits. A lie angle which is accurately crafted ensures that your strike is perfect. The angle where the entire bottom of the club flushes with the ground sets the seal on consistency and direction.

Maximize the distance of hit

Using a custom golf club offers you correct lie angle along with guaranteeing prompt added distance to your shots. How can that happen? Hensey Sports professionals collect data and insights about how you drive a ball, what is your speed, strength, and angle, and so to deliver what the golfer needs. Such informed data helps to build an optimized launch angle which potentially improves distance for your swing speed.


How to get custom made golf clubs


Hensey Sports custom golf club services are exactly the solution you need to instantly improve your game. If you think that you need upgraded equipment to make your shots perfect, why not contact our professionals right now? If you’re unable to visit the stores to customize your golf clubs, don’t worry, we are available right at your fingertips. Visit Hensey Sports to know more. 


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