The Merits of Convergent Charging System in 2021

An OCS needs to be powered by in-memory computing architecture for it to perform millions and millions of calculations every day. Top OCS systems ensure that the computing resources on the cloud are good enough to prevent faults and handle high loads.

convergent charging system is a powerful telecom tool. But in 2021, its importance is going to rise even more with the launch of standalone 5G and IoT technology. A convergent charging system that complies with standard online charging system architecture can charge multiple services at the same point and perform consolidated billing. So, if you are planning to have a long service catalogue for your customers, you need a convergent charging system in 2021.

Consolidated Billing and Simplified Customer Care

Convergent Charging System

When all your services are charged at the same point, you have more accountability for all services. There is no hassle of collating different charges to form a bill as everything is done automatically by the Online Charging System.

Even your customer care reps start performing better when you start using a convergent platform. There is no discrepancy between the bill a customer receives and the data available with customer care reps. So, there are hardly any arguments about misplaced charges.

Revenue Assurance

When you use a 3GPP compliant OCS that has a direct and real-time link between the OCS and PCRF, there is greater revenue assurance. Moreover, real-time OCS systems ensure timely notifications are provided to the customers when credit limit is about to expire.

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