6 Tips for Beginning Realtors

Starting a new career is always a challenge. In the real estate market, which is very competitive and requires up-to-date and qualified professionals, this premise is no different. So, if you are a beginner realtor, check out our tips to prepare and succeed on your new journey.


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Six Tips for Beginning Realtors

1) Do business ethically

The realtor, in addition to technical knowledge, needs to develop behavioral skills, after all, he will deal with clients and prospects all the time. In this sense, the professional who does business and treats people ethically, always leaving information clear, manages to differentiate themselves and gain the trust and loyalty of their customers – in addition to obtaining the desired indications. Brokers who act unethically end up generating a negative image and losing clients. Remember to study the profession's code of ethics and points of the Brazilian civil code that deal with real estate brokerage.

2) Be present on the internet and social networks

For any professional, presence on the internet and on social networks is essential today. For the beginning real estate broker, it is essential, remember that these are widely used by those looking for real estate today. Keeping your networks up to date and with relevant information helps create an audience for your channels and make you a reference in the area. Having a well-developed website and/or blog, with complete data and quality photos of the properties, helps to generate credibility and new business.

3) Invest in your personal marketing

The realtor deals with the public and with high-value assets. Therefore, these professionals need to invest in their personal presentation, dressing appropriately and having a consistent posture at all points of contact with potential clients. Even on your social media pages, remember to maintain a professional image, it is likely that some clients will do internet research to check the credibility of the hired broker. To make your personal marketing, an important tool is the calling card. Especially for the beginning real estate broker, the card helps a lot in prospecting for clients; always keep your card information up to date.

4) Network

At all stages of your career, networking is essential. However, for the beginning realtor, this practice is even more recommended. Through networking, it is possible to establish a network of contacts that encompass future partners, clients and other professionals in the area, maintaining relationships with these audiences is something strategic and helps the broker to stay up-to-date, learn more about the market and win new business. Search for events in your area of ​​expertise and events that may have among your audience people who may need your services. Remember to maintain relationships with your customers, even after the sale closes, a satisfied customer can always make referrals or, when they need a broker again, remember you.

5) Always keep up to date

If you intend to become a credible and qualified realtor, it is of utmost importance to obtain registration with your Regional Council (CRECI). For this, it is necessary to take at least one technical course in real estate transactions. However, to really differentiate yourself and keep up to date, you need to go further. Participate in lectures, courses, workshops and events in the area, such as real estate salons. In addition to increasing your knowledge, these are excellent opportunities for networking and for building new business.

6) Organize yourself financially

The realtor needs to develop an important skill: financial discipline. This is because, in this profession, the broker usually does not have a fixed salary, receiving only commissions on closed deals. Thus, having variable income to cover fixed costs such as fuel, telephone, etc., the broker needs to have good planning and financial discipline.

The beginning realtor needs to prepare to succeed and differentiate in a market as competitive as real estate.

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