News of the Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant is looming

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At the beginning of this year, basketball fans all over the world received a piece of news that made them sad. NBA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was killed along with his daughter in a helicopter accident. NBA 2K20 took this theme to launch many activities to fans to commemorate the passing of Kobe. Players can now complete a lot of challenges to get Kobe Card or buy it directly with NBA 2K20 MT. It is Kobe’s alternative rebirth in NBA 2K20.

So what should players do to get this player card? They only need to enter the code in the NBA 2K20 options menu to get it. We expect it that the attributes of the pink diamond version of Kobe are not as high as those of the Galaxy Opal card. Players can also understand the reason for this. At the end of Kobe’s career, Kobe, who was suffering from injuries, did not perform so well on the court. Although the Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant did not have a coherent message to release. But players believe that the player-based 2K team will definitely release this version. The pink diamond version of Kobe’s attributes are not very good, but there are still many diehard fans who will use it purely for feelings.

The hard requirement to get Galaxy Opal Bryant is that players must complete these eight Spotlight challenges. Netizens speculated that the Galaxy Opal Kobe may also have a certain relationship with the strengthening challenge based on the official information. The Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant case is still a mystery to this day, but this outstanding card should expire at some point.

Players’ current priority is to hone their skills in controlling players, especially under the control of shooting guard players. I destine the appearance of Kobeka to dilute some sadness for those loyal Kobe fans. They can Buy NBA 2K21 MT in advance to accumulate certain wealth and wait for Galaxy Opal Bryant. Let us look forward to what Kobeka will perform in 2K by then.


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