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Camford Academy is best ielts coaching center trivandrum appreciated for its faultless mastering of the modules of the IELTS test. Trainers in the academy would be working hard to ensure the students succeed in the exam. We also provide other courses like spoken English, Corporate training

The IELTS exam is a language proficiency test designed for non-native English speakers to assess their language skills. Recognized by most of the universities in the world, especially in Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand, IELTS is a major academic prerequisite that opens doors to international education. According to experts, the best way to ace the IELTS test is by thorough preparation and attempting an IELTS sample paper. Let’s take a look!
In order to apply for the IELTS test just go to the IELTS website and check out the centre closest to your home. You can see possible examination dates and their availability, and directly register for an exam. Read carefully about what you need and how you can pay the registration fee.
Before registering you should consider how much time you need in order to prepare for the test and get the qualification you need! You apply for a seat available on a specific day and changing your mind does not only mean additional costs, but can also cause quite some delay if alternative examination dates are already fully booked in the meantime (maybe you even have to travel to a different location further away). On the other hand, keep in mind that getting the results takes a bit of time. If you need the IELTS for university admission, make sure you have your results ready before the application deadline!
IELTS test is essential for those students, who are planning to go to abroad for work, immigration or higher studies abroad. Most of the global universities consider IELTS to be the benchmark to assess language proficiency, and it is the most precise and trustworthy test. Camfors is best ielts coaching center in trivandrum, Camford Academy specialises on educating all four IELTS modules so lightly along with innovatively.
Listening: 30 minutes. Normally, you listen to a conversation and afterwards answer some related questions. You also have to state if some given statements are true or false. You'll need good listening skills, while trying to understand what two or more persons are talking about and get the main points of their conversation.
Reading: 60 minutes. You get to read a series of three texts and answer 40 related questions. It's all about scanning the headers and the text efficiently in order to save time to answer all of the questions thoroughly.
Writing: 60 minutes. You will get a topic, which can be different kinds of texts, such as a formal letter, an article, etc. You will have to develop a text expressing your thoughts using appropriate sentences and vocabulary.
Speaking: 11-14 minutes. This test takes place person-to-person. An examiner will start asking you basic questions as a warm up and will continue asking about your opinion on different topics, resulting in a discussion. Besides using good arguments, it is important to structure them in a convincing way, while using appropriate vocabulary.Camford Academy is one of the oldest and reputed IELTS coaching center trivandrum . The four modules of reading, writing, listening and speaking assess a candidate’s overall ability in English language for communication purpose and living in a foreign land. We offer best IELTS Coaching kerala for the students. 

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