Choosing a reliable forex signals provider

There are too many alerts providers on the market nowadays, and it's extremely important to know what criteria you ought to use so as to not lose all of your money.

The forex market attracts more and more people round the world - unfortunately, both honest and not. Allow us to discuss what the foremost important features of a forex signals provider service are. There are too many alerts providers on the market nowadays, and it's extremely important to know what criteria you ought to use so as to not lose all of your money.

Forex signals – myth or reality?

The very first question one might ask – why anyone would offer (either freed from charge or for any remuneration) profitable forex signals? The foremost obvious answer is – these signals aren't actually profitable. However, this is often not the case for all companies and traders performing on the forex market. This will be done as an advertising opportunity for other services, or signals selling could be itself a really good business. Imagine having 1,000 clients each with a $50 monthly subscription fee; it equates to $50,000 in monthly income. It's quite enough for anyone to induce curious about such a business.

Remember! Forex trading isn't a casino; you cannot make $10,000 from a $100 deposit; you'll not be making 100% a month monthly with none losses. If you see anything like that – this is often almost definitely a scam.

Legal status

Now that we understand this, we've to look permanently companies and/or individuals. By the way, should it's a company or an individual? Is it possible for 1 person to run such a business? How about vacations, illness, time, etc? I'm sure it's almost impossible for 1 trader to try to to all the required things and roll in the hay for several years. We will accept as a general rule the subsequent idea – an honest forex signals provider may be a company. another thing about companies – to run a corporation you've got to open a checking account , provide all the knowledge about the owners, directors, etc. It means the structure is transparent unless the company is registered off shore. The conclusion here is that the following – any good forex signals provider must be a company and this company must be registered within any regulated country (e.g. UK, EU, US). If we take into consideration this concept, an excellent number of forex signals provider won't pass this test, and that we are able to move forward within the look for a reliable forex signals provider.

Remember! All reliable and honest providers will never promise you a 100% win, no loss trading, etc. quite that, with a reliable provider, you'll definitely find a risk disclosure, non-waiver document describing all the arising risks. This is often a part of the provider's responsibility.

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Results, demo and free trial

The most important question about any forex signals is how profitable they really are. Any trading must have past trade results (performance) that are openly published on the company's website. Anyone must have free access to past performance. Every trade detailed statistic must include open and shut prices, dates and trading results. If you cannot find anything like that, possibly you're visiting a cheating service. Once you've got found the results, you've got to see whether it had been real results or fake results. Anyone can write anything anywhere. Any reliable provider must offer a free or a little fee trial / demo to check and verify their services. If you cannot catch on, possibly the services aren't transparent, honest and reliable. Try to not use such services. If there's nothing to cover, anyone should be ready to get access.

Remember! If you cannot get a demo / trial (for free or for a little cost) – watch out for signing up to services with such a provider. If anyone is confident in what he's doing, he will certainly provide you with a demo / trial first. Imagine buying any perfume without trying it.


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