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Two days ago, the POE game team added a patch program carefully made by them for existing bugs to the game. The addition of this patch allows players to have a better experience in Harvest, and they have also improved all aspects of the game. Players can now use the highly practical Harvest Crafting to make larger storage tanks so they can harvest a variety of rare materials and vitality to speed up their work efficiency. As a result, their rate of harvesting POE Currency will further increase.

The specific change steps are as follows. It is worth mentioning that PS4 players will no longer lose themselves in the eternal maze of potential. For most players, they can now use the very practical Harvest Crafting to make larger tanks. The amount of vitality that the existing extra storage tanks can store has also increased a lot. They can also see the detailed working process of Harvest Crafting more clearly. Players can use this feature for automatic planting is also one feature added in this patch.

We can say a lot about the overall improvement of the game. Players can use the new camera rotation effect to see more perspectives of the game to enhance their sense of reality. In addition, all the vault doors in the abandoned vault map will automatically open for players to browse. Before officially entering the Vaal Oversoul Arena, players had better prepare in advance to unlock the required items. They have improved the audio items in the existing miracle map in the game and the sound emission in the ancient game.

After this update, players’ enthusiasm for Harvest will reach its peak again. They all went to Buy POE Currency to get greater achievements in the game. POE players who refuse to admit defeat have been working hard to become stronger. With the help of sufficient POE Items and POE Orbs, they will definitely stimulate Harvest’s potential and bring themselves a full sense of accomplishment.


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