Job Vacancies Post Lockdown in Rajasthan

10GenJobs is a portal for job seekers, employers, hiring managers, employers, and recruiters to find their ultimate match by getting information about jobs and suitable candidates in Rajasthan.

10GenJobs is a portal for job seekers, employers, hiring managers, employers, and recruiters to find their ultimate match by getting information about jobs and suitable candidates in Rajasthan. We aim to help job seekers as well as recruiters by using Artificial Intelligence to match the candidate profile to the job that employers post. Job seekers, as well as employers, might see 10GenJobs as yet another job portal but what makes it different is that, unlike other job portals that only work for certain types of jobs, 10GenJobs includes small businesses like retail stores in neighbourhood, contractors, boutiques, etc as well. Besides companies, any business person can also put up their vacancy requirements on the portal. You can simply register and create your profile on the portal to start taking the benefits.

We ensure a huge database of Jobs in Rajasthan of about 250 small and big towns and cities in the state including Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota, Jodhpur, Ajmer, etc; and tie-ups with more than 500 recruiting companies already. We aim is to reach over 10,000 companies and businesses in Rajasthan within this year. 10GenJobs is the best place for job aspirants to find all the Latest Jobs in Rajasthan. As a part of this, we apart from companies, also encourage and support local businesses for their job vacancies and hiring requirement. We specialize in providing job information to candidates with different experience levels and across all salary levels, departments, sectors that include manufacturing, healthcare, retail, hotel hospitality, travel, financial services, jewellery, exports, mining, consumer goods, apparel, academic, etc and for different functions including sales, accounts, HR, technical, engineering, teaching, nursing, graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing etc. We aim at providing recruiters with candidates’ applications quickly with the least effort and most cost efficiently.

We are happy to continue collecting data to deliver the best possible results for both job seekers and employers in Rajasthan. While we’re working on expanding our database, we’re also assisting candidates in locating local possibilities for individuals who want to live in the same city. As part of this goal, we also significantly help local businesses in each location with their employment needs. We aim to help people of all educational levels, from 10th graders to graduates, engineers, MBAs, ITI, Diploma, nursing graduates, and so on. On the platform, candidates can look at a range of employment openings that employers have posted. Job openings are provided to candidates through SMS and are also visible on their profiles. They can also search and find more details about jobs (based on location, department, Posts, etc). Candidates should respond to this information by calling, emailing or walk-in as mentioned in the SMS. Recruiters can also search for candidates who suit their job based on some keywords.

10GenJobs is focused on each city in which it operates, eager to help job seekers find suitable positions and employers find competent individuals for their openings. In each of these cities, we try to build the greatest database of people and positions possible.10GenJobs has made it simple for both job seekers and companies to find a suitable fit for jobs in Rajasthan. We strive to assist employers in completing their recruitment processes as quickly and efficiently as possible. And we want to make it simple for candidates to find job opportunities as well.

We try for job seekers to find suitable jobs as fast as possible by making it easy for recruiters as well so that they can hire candidates who are suitable for their position and fulfill their requirements. We are keen to support job seekers in getting appropriate jobs and employers getting good candidates for their vacancies as per the requirement of the position.

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