Best Video Editing Plugins in 2020

Just using video software won’t make you a perfect editor as there are many processes that are required to take your video editing to the next level.

Just using video software won’t make you a perfect editor as there are many processes that are required to take your video editing to the next level. You may have watched the movies in which an actor flies without wings, reaches from one destination to another, and fights using a fictional energy sword known as a lightsaber. You may have sometimes thought about how these films are produced. Are all these weapons real? The answer is simply “No”. It may be very simple for you once you get the hang of these must-have plugins. To take your video editing to the next level, you can make use of some of these best plugins that may surely assist you a lot in giving your videos a finishing touch.

These best plugins are professionally designed to suit all your needs. To achieve the expected results, you must have all these plugins. The task of editing videos like a pro is going to be easier for you from now onwards as you have come to the right place. To use these plugins, all you need to do is just install them to your existing video editing software and start taking advantage of them. Here is the list of all the best video editing plugins that will enhance your video quality and make it more appealing to eyes than one may have ever thought. Now is the time to have a glance at these best video editing plugins.

Red Giant Trapcode Particular

On the list of the best video editing plugins is Trapcode Particular. The plugin works great and flawlessly as it is the advanced particle generator. If we make a comparison between this one and the stock generators in After Effects, Trapcode is likely to emerge as a winner as it makes it easier to create complex particles and effects. The latest version of Trapcode Particular has come with some of the amazing features that give you a chance to do more with your editing skills. Users have now got an ability to create dynamic swirling effects with the latest Dynamic Fluid physics engine. There are more than 150 Trapcode Form presets in the latest version of Trapcode Particular that will take your editing skills to the desired level. Install the plugin and start using it from now onwards if you want to shine like a professional editor. To buy it, you can visit the official website of Red Giant. It costs you in the region of $400. You should give it a try as it is your money’s worth.

Boris FX Title Studio

This best plugin is the choice of many professional editors thanks to 3D titling and animation tools. With the help of this plugin, you can create 3D animation with texts. This is the best video editing plugin that is used to create 3D texts of your choice. This plugin is professionally designed to suit your needs. The plugin offers you complete control over cameras, lights, and other stylization elements that contribute a lot to the video production. It has a wide range of professionally-designed presets that make your videos outstanding. Boris FX Title Studio is the best titling plugin in the eyes of professional editors. This amazing plugin allows you to add animated glows, burns, volumetric lighting, and more to your titles. If you are looking for a great plugin for 3D titling, there is no need to wander, the plugin may work best for you. If you have really fallen in love with Boris FX Title Studio, you can get it by shelling out just $199.

Neat Video

Neat Video is greatly admired by professional editors in the field of video production. It really gives your video a great look so that it looks cool. Neat Video is the best editing plugin that you should not miss when you are going through the process of editing a professional video. It is a wonderful plugin that is professionally hailed for its ability to remove the distracting noise from video. The best thing to say about it is, Neat Video does the excellent job of removing noise and fine particles from video without affecting the video quality. The plugin has a smart feature that detects the unwanted noise and removes it from scenes. To make your video look professional, you can take advantage of this great plugin. You can buy it from the official website of Neat Video by shelling out just $75.


Every professional editor makes his/her efforts to take their video to the desired level with the help of remarkable editing but without a good plugin, it is not almost possible. Colorista is the best plugin that can transform your video into the professional one. The best video editing plugin is highly regarded by professional editors in the arena of video production. It allows you to make a video look colorful with the help of the color correction tools. The plugin gives your video a finishing touch. It offers you a wide range of features such as vignetting, tint, RGB curves, and Chroma key. It has a vast library of LUTs that make your video more appealing. Colorista has been the choice of many professional editors and is considered to be the best plugin for color correction. If you want to take advantage of this amazing plugin, you may have to cough up $199.

Red Giant Universe

If you have come across all the great plugins but have not yet found any of them suited to your needs, it is the great video editing plugin you are likely to fall in love with. Red Giant Universe contains a wide range of professional tools that allow you to achieve the expected results in video production. The all-in-one plugin is highly recommended by professional ones in the field of video production. This plugin has all the tools required for editing video in a professional way. With the help of all these amazing tools, you can stylize your video and add transitions and effects. Red Giant Universe makes it easier to create complex motion graphics in less than no time. There is a lot to do when you have this amazing plugin installed in your video editing software. How you use this plugin in order to unleash your creativity, just depends on you. Red Giant Universe can’t be bought in a one-off payment as it is available only via subscription that is $30 per month and yearly subscription costs $199 per year. All these plugins above do an excellent job of giving your video a finishing touch and assist you a lot in achieving the professional results. It is likely that all these plugins above may let you unleash your creativity.

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