A guide to choosing your child’s school in Dubai

Here’s a checklist that will simplify the school hunt:

There are a zillion things parents must take care of from the moment their child is born. Every milestone is necessary for the development of the child. The journey doesn’t end when the child completes or achieves a milestone; it continues until they reach school and beyond. Parents try to provide the best in health, education, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, in the educational forefront, they tend to fumble in the initial stages of finding the right school for their child. It is not merely a tiring job but can be a stressful one too. Filtering school after school to find the right match is one of the few things most parents do. Some find it right away, while for others, it may be an arduous task. Understanding the problems faced by parents to find the perfect school for their kids, we have compiled a few steps parents could follow to simplify this stressful task. 


Here’s a checklist that will simplify the school hunt:


Get your child’s KHDA ratings
The education authority of Dubai provides to all its students the KHDA rating system to assess their intelligence from weak to outstanding. The Knowledge and Development Agency allows schools in the Emirates to access the students in all areas of child development. It gives a better understanding of the student’s abilities and qualities based on which parents can choose the curriculum and schools suited for the students. Many international schools encourage the parents to check the KHDA ratings of the students before enrolling them in a particular school, and parents agree that it has helped them and their children to focus better. 


A little research on various schools
Before you enroll your child into the first school on your list, we suggest you research all the schools in Dubai based on their infrastructure, curriculum, and other amenities. Dubai offers the best education and has some magnificent international schools available for the right set of students. Moreover, it provides both non-profit schools as well as profit schools to choose from. If you are considering a non-profit school, then be aware of the possibility of a lengthy enrollment waitlist these schools usually have.


Choose the right curriculum

The population of Dubai is an enchanting mix of different ethnicities and cultures. The country wholeheartedly welcomes people from varied countries, and In cognizance of this diversity, the education authority has around 17 curriculums available in the schools. The four standard and most reviewed curriculums are British, Indian CBSE, IB (International Baccalaureate), and US curriculum. In addition, Dubai international schools allow students to choose the curriculum based on their home country’s specifications if they consider moving back in the future.


Visit the shortlisted schools
After doing a thorough study on the school’s curriculum and checking the KHDA ratings of the student, we are sure you have by now listed a few schools you decide to enroll your child in. Now is the time to pay a friendly visit to check the infrastructure, faculty, and facilities available in the school. You may meet the Principal or the concerned administrators to clear any doubts you have regarding the school before you are ready to enroll your child.

If you still haven’t decided on the school, then walk into Global or International School in Dubai and see for yourself the advanced school infrastructure created to provide a learning environment for students. Learn more about the Indian High school admissions for the upcoming academic year and let your child get the best education from the renowned international schools in Dubai.

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