PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Can Boost Your Business Growth. Know-How?

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is a code-free framework to launch mobile apps.

Launching eCommerce mobile apps seems tough and expensive? Well, not anymore. We have a potent readymade solution for the same. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is a predefined framework to build and launch the native Android and iOS mobile apps. The store admin does not need to invest huge capital or learn any sort of coding requirement or knowledge to build and manage the mobile apps.

The admin panel of the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder requires only a few mouse clicks and button toggles to design and manage the live Android iOS mobile apps. It keeps the entire store inventory like products, categories, customer data, orders etc. in sync with the mobile apps. The Android and iOS app inventory will be the same as the website one.

The native apps are built using Java (Android) and Swift (iOS) and hence remain completely bug-free and faster. The users can handily try the app with easy screen switching and layered navigation. The apps will be published on the Google Play Store and Apple App store with the store branding and allowing users to download and use worldwide.

Significant Features of PrestaShop Mobile App Creator:

#1. Customizable Home Screen Layout:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers an editable layout on the home screen of the mobile app. The store admin can design and add several layouts in the admin panel and choose the right one for the mobile app. Various designing elements, colour, fonts, layouts, products, categories, etc. to design the interface of the mobile app.

#2. Unlimited Push Notifications

The eCommerce Mobile App has inbuilt push notifications that can be used for any sort of informative or promotional marketing. The store admin can personalize and send push notifications anytime on the Android and iOS mobile app.

#3. Live Synchronization

The PrestaShop MobileApp and the online website inventory will be in complete sync with each other. All changes/modifications in the website inventory will be automatically updated on the live apps anytime.

#4. Easy Login Checkout

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker comes with inbuilt social login options like Google Facebook along with Phone Number (OTP) Fingerprint. The handy checkout process makes sure that the users can purchase with ease.

#5. Live Chat Options

With Zopim (Zendesk) and WhatsApp chat options, the users can simply connect with the store admin directly and discuss any queries and concerns.

#6. Various Payment Shipping Methods

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker supports all sorts of website payment and shipping methods on the mobile app. The native Android and iOS app allow users to purchase with ease.

#7. All Languages Currency Support

Various languages and currencies available on the eCommerce website will be supported on the live PrestaShop Mobile App. The users can easily choose the preferred language and browse products and categories.


Developing and launching PrestaShop Mobile App can be a lifesaver for every eCommerce store. The mobile apps for Android and iOS can be launched in one time charges and will be available for public download and usage.

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