Google is Going to Save Your Money From its New Feature While Fighting With Climate Change

Technology companies are having concern about climate change.
They are moving towards zero carbon footprint. The new effort is being made by Google,

Technology companies are having concern about climate change.
They are moving towards zero carbon footprint. The new effort is being made by Google, which is planning to bring a feature that can help in driving non-stop and with less pollution, which is ultimately going to help reduce carbon emission. This will happen with the help of Machine Learning Technology. Let’s find out the whole story.

Most people are locked in their homes due to lockdown, but those traveling daily for the required service by their car are being affected by rising petrol prices. Google has a feature that can save you money amid these rising prices.

Recently, Google announced at its I/O Developer Conference that it would bring a feature to Google Maps shortly that will neither cause much pollution nor save people’s money along with petrol. Google is launching this feature to reduce carbon emissions. This new feature of Google Maps is towards the commitment to fight climate change. While launching the default route on Google maps, you get the eco-friendly option by default; if you don’t need it, you can choose to opt out of its option.

Google said it is going to add new features to maps. In which users will also get a street view along with better paths. Now that Google tells you the shortest way, Google will tell you how to save your petrol and reduce carbon in the near future.

No need to press the brakes frequently.

To reduce carbon, Google will adjust the routes in this new update and show the driver a route in which he will not need to brake frequently. That means you’ll be able to drive non-stop in the near future. For this purpose, Google will be going to take the help of machine learning technology.

Your car will start from the phone.

Tell us that Google recently revealed another feature called Digital. This feature will allow you to use your Android smartphone to turn the car off, turn on, lock, unlock. This feature will be available on Android 12 operating systems, where the app will use radio technology for this purpose. On the other hand, if someone else wants to use your car, you can give it this remote to start your car.

This is something valuable and unique that will change the driving scene, as lots of features are added mainly related to driving and fuel-saving, which is quite good as the air pollution level of cities is getting out of control, which is a high risk to human lives.

From June, Google is planning to start warning drivers about travel through low emissions zones where some vehicles are restricted. These are common in countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

“Cities around the world started establishing low emission zones from Amsterdam to Jakarta, where polluting vehicles like diesel cars or cars with specific emission stickers are restricted to help in preserving the air clean,” Google said in a blog post.

“To support the following efforts, Google is working on alerts so that the drivers better understand when they are navigating through one of these zones.”

Google Maps users will also be able to compare car, cycling, public transport, and other travel options in one place instead of toggling between various sections in the new feature launching this year.

Google made it clear that it has long developed sustainable methods to benefit the environment and has vowing to be carbon-free by 2030 so that it can help cities in tracking greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change is something which is a global issue, and by taking a step forward in the following issue smartly, the smartphone users in the world surely going to love this feature.

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