Is Kundali Matching Significant for Love Marriages?

Understanding and appreciating the importance that marriage holds in anyone's life, our ancestors made it a point to marry only those individuals found compatible as life partners.

Understanding and appreciating the importance that marriage holds in anyone's life, our ancestors made it a point to marry only those individuals found compatible as life partners. Their immense faith in the Vedic astrological system made them take recourse to this ancient science to assess this agreeability factor and unite only such compatible pairs in the marital bond.


Such a level of compatibility is seen through the study and comparison of the Kundalis, the natal charts, or the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom. This traditional system goes by the name 'Kundali Matching.'


Love Marriage         


Though marriages arranged by the elders in the family, known generally as the 'arranged marriages' continue to be celebrated in good numbers in India, the 'love marriages,' where young men and women meet, share thoughts, exchange views, and themselves decide to tie the marital knot, are fast increasing in number.


Arranged marriages denote the traditional form of marriage and are usually done only after the time-tested practice of Kundali Matching between the two. But love marriage is a much later concept, which is fast becoming popular in modern times.


What significance can the traditional Free Kundali Matching hold in a modern practice like love marriage? – is a question worth deliberating about.  


Love and Compatibility         


The criteria that brings 2 people, usually youngsters, together in a love relationship and later marriage, is obviously love, or at least mainly love, rather than anything else. Usually, 2 people fall in love, only after knowing and moving with each other at least for a reasonably long time, learning about their backgrounds, temperaments, outlooks, expectations, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc. and getting convinced that they can link their lives with one another for a lifetime, as husband and wife. In other words, the lovers generally take the marital plunge only after convincing themselves about their compatibility with each other. 


And the traditional Kundali Matching also tries to reach the same end, of course, by taking the astrological route. So, on the face of it, it looks like Kundali Matching can be a redundant exercise as far as love marriages are concerned.


But is it really so?     


Why Tradition Should Marry Modernity   


While those in love try to understand each other only from the 'love' angle, there are many other factors that can count significantly in making any marriage work and be successful. And these need to be taken into account quite seriously before deciding about the marriage between any two. 


The study and analysis of the individual horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom and their matching can help people peep into their future as a married couple. This can provide answers to important questions like - how prosperous their married life can be? How healthy are they likely to be as spouses? What about the progeny blessing for them? Any pitfalls or problems they may encounter in their journey of life, and if yes, what can be their consequences? What about their longevity and also that of their marital bond? How happy, satisfied, and fulfilled is their marriage likely to be, overall?  


Love marriages cannot claim to have any inkling about such future events.


Further, smitten by the love bug, or what may appear to be pure and selfless love, the lover boy and the girl can overlook some of their own and others' shortcomings in characteristic traits. These can ultimately turn out to be the weak links in their marriage and may prove its undoing, as their bond is made to face the test of time. Also, the young in love may generally be immature and driven by passion, they may well mistake mere infatuation or physical attraction as lasting affection. Such attractions may only be temporary and are likely to vanish sooner than later, as the lovers start encountering the challenges of married life as husband and wife. All these can strain their relationship immensely, make them regret their decision to marry, doubt or dislike each other, and lead even to breakups in the end.


'Caution before' is any day better than 'regret later.' So, it makes great sense to avail the wisdom that Kundali Matching can offer before forging such an important relationship like marriage.


Kundali Matching can thus remain an invaluable gift that can be cherished for the entire lifetime of a marriage; it is immaterial whether it is the traditional arranged marriage or the modern love marriage!                     

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