Some hunters will tell you a stabilizer is a crutch.

Some hunters will tell you a stabilizer is a crutch, only serving to correct an improper bow draw weight. While correct that reducing the bow poundage will help improve steadiness and accuracy, they are dismissing the additional benefits of silencing the bow that stabilizers provide.


Adding a properly sized stabilizer to your bow is going to improve the balance of the bow in your hand, increasing accuracy. The vibration dampening materials help kill bow vibrations during and after the shot for a more silenced bow.


There are quite a few bow stabilizer styles to choose from, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Each one is best suited for specific situations and bow setups. We will cover what factors to consider before you make a purchase, and discuss what type of bow hunter is best suited for each bow stabilizer we recommend.


Modern bow stabilizers perform both stabilizing and silencing tasks. Their construction utilizes materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, and rubber to enhance the way a bow shoots. The length and weight of the stabilizer are what contribute to improved steadiness in the hand and therefore can improve accuracy. Competitive target archers use extra-long stabilizers for that very reason.

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