How to do Webroot Antivirus Activation?

You need good antivirus software for your computer. One of the best antivirus for your computer that can protect your personal computer from any digital malware is Webroot antivirus.

An antivirus will help the user to stop the virus’s attack on their device and on their data, if the user wants to keep both of them secure from the hackers and from viruses then it will be better for the user to install antivirus into their device. An antivirus will not stop the viruses attack it will also help the user in avoiding those websites which can harm their device and steal their data. When the user is surfing on the internet it is impossible for them to know which website is safe and which website is unsafe to use so the antivirus will block the user’s access of websites which are unsafe to use. Apart from these, antiviruses come with various features like VPN which will help the user in hiding their identity on the internet so that no one can trace their activities.

Webroot antivirus is one of the antiviruses which will help the user in avoiding the viruses and it will also help the user to get rid of the viruses which has entered into the user’s device. Webroot antivirus will also provide the VPN facility to the user so that they can keep their identity safe on the internet. Now there are lots of steps involve from downloading to installing the Webroot antivirus and if the user is not aware about those steps then in that case they do not need to worry as we will help the user. 


Steps of downloading Webroot Antivirus

  • In order to download the antivirus user needs to go on the official website of Webroot antivirus.
  • Now on the website user needs to select the antivirus of their choice.
  • Once the user selected the antivirus of their choice then they need to make the payment of the same.
  • After making the payment user has to wait till, they receive an email from Webroot.


Steps of Activating Webroot Antivirus

  • Now from this email user needs to download the file by clicking on it.
  • Once the file is downloaded on the user’s device, they need to open it by doing the double-click.
  • On the screen of the user there will come different steps and user has to follow each and every step and this will install the Webroot antivirus into user’s device.
  • Now once the antivirus is installed it will ask the user to provide the Activation key.
  • Now user needs to go back on the email which was sent by the Webroot and here user needs to look alpha-numeric combination and copy that code and paste it in the activation key field.


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