Your Ultimate Guide to Solar Energy Melbourne from the Best Solar Company Melbourne has to offer!

Australia has been at the forefront of establishing residential and commercial solar panels installations in the country.

A solar panel installation in Melbourne can help you save tens and thousands of dollars!

Setting up solar panels for your home is a milestone in embracing a lifetime of clean, green and sustainable solar energy Australia for your residential power needs. 

Australia has been at the forefront of establishing residential and commercial solar panels installations in the country. In setting up a solar panel, Melbourne, in particular, has been subject to widespread prominence.

However, getting solar panels isn't enough…

Making the most of solar system Melbourne

To make the most out of your solar system Melbourne, it is important to understand how your home can be made more feasible for the production of solar energy. 

See, solar panels are a long-term investment that comes with several benefits such as lower electricity bill costs, excellent efficiency, being eco-friendly etc. 

As mentioned, to ensure that you can derive the long-term benefits of your residential solar panel installation Melbourne, your home should be 'prepared' accordingly. 

Sun Current: The Best Solar Company Melbourne has to offer!

We at Sun Current are a premier solar energy Melbourne company and our solar systems and more particularly, our solar panels, are omnipresent throughout by means of our solar installers Melbourne. 

As such, we possess extensive experience in setting up solar panels at homes. This write-up is an outcome of that very experience. It serves as a guide to equip you with everything you need to know with regards to solar energy and solar system Melbourne applications.  

With that being said, let's dive into what all you need to know!

Getting Solar System Melbourne right: Solar Panel Installation Melbourne!

The direction that your roof faces

We have heaps of sunny days in Melbourne through the course of the year. So installing solar panels is a no-brainer right?


If the roof isn't angled towards the sun, your solar panels Melbourne won't be able to harness enough of the amount of solar energy required to power up your residential needs. Therefore, it is recommended to install solar panels on roofs facing the south or the west directions. But don't worry! Our residential solar installers Melbourne at Sun Current would ensure that if your roof has the right pitch, solar panels can be effectively installed even if your roof faces the north or the east. 

Good condition of the roof

Now, this is a no-brainer!

If your roof has not been maintained or is in dire need of roof repairs and/or restoration, it would be in your best interests to get the repairs/restoration done first and then get the solar panels installed.

It is easy to understand why…

Getting the roof repaired/restored after solar panel installation would call for the removal of the panels and the subsequent reinstalling of the panels, making it an unnecessarily expensive affair. 

Our solar technicians would ascertain whether your roof is in need of repairs and is structurally in a condition to support the weight of the panels. 

Roof shape

The shape of your roof is instrumental in determining the right and effective installation of solar panels. A gable roof, for instance, is ideal for the installation of solar panel installation Melbourne without any extra effort. However, even if you do not have a gable roof, our installation experts will determine the ideal solar panel installation spot on your roof by factoring in the roof shape, pitching and shading. Rest assured, you will get the best solar panels Australia has to offer!

Regardless of how your roof is, leave the worries to our solar energy, solar panel and solar system Melbourne experts at Sun Current. 

We have the perfect combination of experience and expertise required to make solar panel installation a seamless progression for your home or business. 

So don't wait and reach out to us now!  

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