How to resolve product key error?

If you want to protect your computer system then your first choice should be Webroot Antivirus Software. Webroot antivirus has a lot of special features that you can use to give full protection to your computer system. Webroot antivirus also secures other devices such as PC, Mac, mobile ph

What is a Product Key? 

  • The product key is a unique set of 20 digits alphabetic and numeric characters. 
  • You are not supposed to share this unique product key with anyone. 
  • The product key is required to install and activate the Antivirus software. 
  • You must write it down in a safe place or make sure to keep it in a secure place. 
  • You can get the product key both from offline and online mode. 
  • In offline mode, you can purchase the Webroot product from the retail stores. The product key must be written on a card. 
  • In online mode, you will receive the product key at your registered email address. 
  • You will require this product key before downloading the Webroot antivirus. 

Error in Product Key:

The users of Webroot antivirus may face product key error. Therefore to resolve the issue you must follow the below-given steps:

  • Sometimes, the users may not type the product key correctly and some of the characters of the product key may be confusing like i/1, o/0, b/8, etc. when you are typing the product key manually. So, to resolve this issue go through the given steps:
  1. For CD:  Ensure that you have entered the product key correctly. 
  2. For Email: Use the copy paste method to avoid the error. Copy the code from the email received by the Webroot and paste it into the required field. 
  • If you are still receiving the error message then make sure that you have a good internet connection.

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