Advantages and disadvantages of hadoop and main factors of hadoop

Hadoop is intended to store and deal with a lot of information. There are numerous benefits of Hadoop like it is free and open source, simple to utilize, its exhibition and so on yet then again, it has a few shortcomings which we called as disservices.

Advantages of Hadoop.

1. Shifted Data Sources

Hadoop acknowledges an assortment of information. Information can emerge out of a scope of sources like email discussion, online media and so forth and can be of organized or unstructured structure. Hadoop can get esteem from assorted information.

2. Open Source

Hadoop is an open source innovation for example its source code is unreservedly accessible. We can change the source code to suit a particular necessity.

3. Numerous Languages Supported

Engineers can code utilizing numerous dialects on Hadoop like C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Groovy. hadoop training in chennai

Disadvantages of Hadoop

1. Defenseless By Nature

Hadoop is written in Java which is a generally utilized programming language henceforth it is effectively misused by digital crooks which makes Hadoop defenseless against security breaks.big data hadoop training in chennai

2. Security

For security, Hadoop utilizes Kerberos validation which is difficult to oversee. It is missing encryption at capacity and organization levels which are a significant place of concern.

3. Preparing Overhead

In Hadoop, the information is perused from the circle and kept in touch with the plate which makes read/compose activities extravagant when we are managing tera and petabytes of information. Hadoop can't do in-memory computations subsequently it causes preparing overhead FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HERE:
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