8 Lessons From An Entrepreneur-Billionaire

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8 Lessons From An Entrepreneur-Billionaire


Cosmas Mmaduka is one of the home made billionaires and a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria. He is the president of Coscharis Group. A man who started from a very low background and rose to the ownership position of a multinational company with over 14 billion capital base.


As he stood in front of his audience gathered at a seminar with all the attention and focus on him, he was letting out the account of the journey that took him from nothingness to an abundance. The ups and down of his life and the powerful lessons any aspiring Nigerian entrepreneur should always observe to be successful.


From his heart-touching, inspiring, practical story. These are the few eight lessons among numerous lessons Dr Mmaduka story enfolds; as he released it to his audience made up of information seeking aspiring entrepreneurs.


  1. You should have and exercise a trust in God. Believe He is able to do all things.
  2. Having or building your self esteem is very important as this will help you to pass difficult and challenging times.
  3. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to be a man or woman of vision. Also there should be a burning desire to actualize your vision no matter the obstacles you see on your way.
  4. You need to have a system. Plan your actions; know your methods and ways to approach situations in accordance to the realization of your major goal.
  5. Boldness is a factor you can not do without. You need boldness to take up your actions and give maximum effective attention to situations.
  6. An entrepreneur is a risk taker but you should take only calculated risks. All risks are not for you, so you need to analyze every risk to check its viability before embarking on it.
  7. You need be a man of integrity and keep promises you make. Is is better not to make a promise if you are not sure of keeping it.
  8. As an entrepreneur, all the work is not for you alone being that you are a manager of both human and material resources. Attract and work with smart and competent employees

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