Mars transit in Cancer - Taurus & Gemini 2021

The Mars transit for Taurus will happen in their third house of communication, intelligence, travel, and habits

The Mars transit for Taurus will happen in their third house of communication, intelligence, travel, and habits. Mars, the Lord of the twelfth and seventh house for Taurus people, will make you trying to keep in communication with your people. In the professional environment, you may be kept under supervision which might be stressful for you. However, with the positive aspect of the transit, you might also get a promotion. That is how this transit will help strengthen your finances and might get your efforts recognized.


As Mars signifies the twelfth house for you, it might increase your expenditure. The third house might affect your communication, and you might get into arguments with your siblings. You will also suffer in your health with issues like blood disorder; it is advised that you seek your doctor immediately in case of any discomfort.


Remedy: Wear a silver ring in your left hand, or you can keep an article of ivory with you.




For Gemini people who have their Moon in Gemini, Mars is the lord of their sixth and eleventh houses. The transit will make Mars go through their second house, which represents communication, wealth, and family. Your communication would be affected, and as a result, you might hurt your people with your words. You should practice decency in your words and mind your words before speaking them out loud.


Finances might also suffer since the position of Mars is not favorable for you. There would be a shortage of funds due to unnecessary expenses. So you are advised to spend mindfully; it is best to stick with your needs and not wants. However, some might get lucky and receive sudden wealth from some property or your in-laws.


During this period, when your financial condition is going to suffer, you should not lend money to anyone. You should also not take loans, or repaying them might get difficult. Your competitors will also try hard to ruin your image; beware of the conspiracies going around you. Health won’t give you any major concern; however, be careful while driving a vehicle since a malefic Mars increases accidents.


Remedy: Donate pomegranates to the poor and the needy people. Performing Homam for Mars enters in Cancer in july.

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