Finally confirmed that World of Warcraft Chromie is transgender

Finally confirmed that World of Warcraft Chromie is transgender

Although LGBTQIA+'s expressiveness in mainstream games is still very hard, and the developers also intend to use LGBT characters, its red tape is likely to cause the gender/direction/identity of the characters to be confused. Chromie, the bronze dragon of World of Warcraft, is a good example. Players have always been confused about Chromie's gender, and they are frustrated that Blizzard has not clearly stated Chromie's gender. However, recently, Blizzard clearly stated in a novel published recently: Chromie's gender is female.

The recently released World of Warcraft: Folk Fairy Tales of Azeroth restarted the conversation about Chromie's past. Early in the story, Chromie’s Chronormu dragon is called a male pronoun. In the short story The Visage starring Chromie, a blue dragon asks Chromie why she chose to "become a woman" in the coming-of-age ceremony. Chromie shows that women are suitable for her.

The Visage is surprisingly direct and does not seem to influence the fans' decision to follow up on this discovery. It's just that LGBT roles are implied or exposed in derivative products, but they will never Buy TBC Classic Gold be recognized in the main product, and it is not uncommon to forget them outside of Canon. World of Warcraft narrative director Steve Danuser repeated the content of the story. Danuser made it clear that Chronormu was him before the Visage Day ceremony. After that, she appeared in the form of a mortal and a dragon.

Chromie is a dragon who is very suitable to follow time. Her history in World of Warcraft is very complicated. Her history can be traced back more than ten years ago, and its origins were written in the absence of transgender representation in video games. As mentioned earlier, Chromie is named Chronormu in the form of a male name dragon. Until Blizzard made a joke in Heroes of the Storm, saying that Chromie's real name is Chronormu.

It can be said that Danuser's new Chromie story and Twitter comments imply that the bronze dragon is trans. This puts an end to the frustrating lack of clarity about Chromie's character, which Blizzard has deliberately messed up for a long time. Although Chromie's exit is a welcome revelation for fans of the bronze dragon, there are still some negative emotions in the overall situation. Not only has it taken more than ten years to admit that Chromie is transgender, but Blizzard has not fully reflected the experience of transgender people.

Although Blizzard skipped the fact of being transgender, this does not mean that Chromie is transgender without value. Chromie's transgender experience is recorded in books other than World of Warcraft itself, and it is regarded as a handwaved of magic and dragon culture. I hope that in the future, LGBT proper representation efforts will continue to improve, just like the past decade. By the way, is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit!


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