World of Warcraft Chromie's true gender confirmed

World of Warcraft Chromie's true gender confirmed

In excerpts from Fairy Tales of Azeroth and Folk's new out-of-print book, Steve Danuser confirmed that Chromie is canonical, he is the head of World of Warcraft's narrative, and his remarks must be credible.

Thanks to the people in the reset era through Wowhead, we know the official dragon name of Chromie. Chronormu uses the suffix most often associated with male dragons. She is the lovely dwarf and dragon in Azeroth's beloved World of Warcraft. Although her name has caused speculation for a while, but the latest out-of-print book excerpt confirms the players' speculation.

This Classic TBC Gold book contains a new short story about Chromie. At a certain point, the author stopped using his/his pronouns after using the Visage Day ceremony and exchanged it with her/her. Danuser confirmed that the change was intentional, and Chromie will resolve it with her pronouns in the form of mortals and dragons. If you are interested in this book, you can check out leaked images of Chromie's short stories via Portergauge on Twitter.

Many players in World of Warcraft are very happy after hearing this news, because Chromie is one of the most popular characters in the game. The Twitter post made players feel very gratified. The confirmation of this news was a relief for them, because they had been speculating that she was transgender for many years.

Blizzard has been nominated by GLAAD in the past, but despite this, he did not solve the problem of how the company played down the queerness in Overwatch. This problem was eventually solved by Stacey Henley, and he also criticized its representation for highlighting the biggest problem of the game. Because there are more playable animals and robots than playable black women, but its two queer characters are white, cis and direct. By the way, is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit!


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