Create from the needs of the plot

You may even know our two tips for building creative narratives

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Create from the needs of the plot

Of all the methods, this is the most strictly literary and also, we can say, the highest way of visualizing the characters. It consists in carefully elaborating the character's characteristics as the structure of the narrative is being conceived.

This may imply having to reformulate and rewrite many times, until reaching a perfect balance between characters and plot. And the result of this effort is, many times, an authentic masterpiece of literature, which wins time and endures in the hearts of men. This happens because, at the end of the reading, the reader has the impression that each event in the plot inevitably stems from the personality of the characters involved. The effect generated, very powerful, is that the story is alive and pulsating, like a portion of the real world captured on the pages.

To better understand this creative method, let's consider two of the greatest tragedies of all time: Sophocles' Oedipus King and Shakespeare's Hamlet . In both cases, the tragedy stems directly from the protagonist's personality. If Oedipus had not been so audacious and impulsive, he would not have murdered his own father and married his own mother, without knowing it. If Hamlet had not been so conscientious, he would not have hesitated so much to punish his father's murder and thus his beloved Ophelia would not have died. For not knowing, Oedipus acts. Hamlet, by knowing, does not act. If one were in the other's place, there would be no tragedy. As each was in his place, tragedy was inevitable.


Now that you have known four methods for mentally visualizing literary characters, it is clear that we can only gain by adopting a fifth method: the combination of them!

Nothing prevents us, for example, from taking the physical type of someone we saw on the street and adding characteristics taken from a theory of personality or some dream we had to create an unforgettable character, always making the necessary adaptations so that the plot becomes more cohesive.

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