Maintenance Of Standard Dial Combination Lock

The manufacturer of standard dial combination lock will introduce to you.

Regarding locks, everyone is no stranger. It can be seen everywhere in my daily life, and it also plays an important role in our lives. How to install the lock better? The manufacturer of standard dial combination lock will introduce to you.
1. Installation of locks 
  1. Should hire an experienced carpenter or a master with considerable knowledge of locks to install. And according to the fixed-distance template in the product manual, drill holes, chisel the support socket, the lock plate and the lock box hole to prepare for installation. 
  2. Check whether the drilled hole is accurate, and strictly follow the steps in the product installation manual. If the lock switch is found to be inflexible or unable to open after installation, you should consult the locksmith in time.
  3. If there is no problem with the product installation and inspection, remove the product, and reinstall the lock after the door is painted and dried. The purpose is to prevent the paint from sticking to the lock product and affect the appearance and performance (often After the lock is stuck, the transmission is inflexible) because the chemical gas will corrode the product when the paint is not dry, accelerate the change of the surface treatment of the product, affect the appearance and reduce the service life of the lock. 
   2. Use and maintenance of locks  
   In the process of using the lock, pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance. 
  1. Always keep the transmission part of the lock body with lubricant to keep its transmission smooth and prolong its service life. It is recommended to check once half a year or once a year, and at the same time check whether the fastening screws are loose to ensure the fastening. 
  2. When the lock is in use, regularly (half a year or a year) or when the key is not smoothly inserted, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be put into the lock core slot to ensure smooth key insertion. However, do not add any other oils for lubrication to avoid the grease sticking to the pin spring, causing the lock head to not turn and not open. 
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