Child Custody Complications For Unmarried Parents

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Unmarried parents are sometimes overlooked when people discuss child
custody situations. However, unmarried parents have to deal with the same child
custody issues that divorced parents deal with, maybe sometimes more. Here are
some suggestions about how an unmarried mother or father can deal with their
custody issues.

An issue for an unmarried parent may be a child that was born from a couple
that was never really together. An unmarried parent may be alone and have to
make all of the decisions regarding raising their child. However, unmarried
parents should take heart and get help through as many resources as possible.

Even if the other parent is no longer in the picture or never really was - that
parent is still responsible for the child. Efforts should be made to contact the
parent and inform them that they have a child. Measures can then be taken to
ensure that the other parent pays child support and fulfills other responsibilities
concerning the child.

If both parents are involved in the child#39;s life, and there are custody issues about
what parent the child will live with, the parents should seek help to resolve these
issues. Custody mediation is a good idea for parents who need to develop a
custody arrangement and are having a hard time working together.

In custody mediation, the mother and father sit with a child custody lawyer and
try to reach an agreement in the children#39;s best interest. The mother and father
should do everything possible to come to an agreement on their parenting plan,
or they will need to prepare a custody case for court.

If they go to court and present their cases, the court will make the ultimate
decisions about custody and visitation. Both parents are usually much happier if
they can reach an agreement without going to court. Unmarried parents should
both try to be proactive in raising their children.
Children do best when they have positive involvement with both their mother
and father. Unmarried parents can work through their child#39;s custody issues and come up with a plan that allows the child/children to interact with both parents.
This is better for the children and better for the responsible parents.

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