How to Increase Sales of Wholesale Jewelry Business through eCommerce?

The jewelry industry is growing rapidly. Shopping exquisite jewelry articles online is becoming the new normal due to the change in customers and market trends worldwide. Survey data shows the rise of the jewelry market, which is expected to reach more than $200 billion by 2025.

The jewelry industry is growing rapidly. Shopping exquisite jewelry articles online is becoming the new normal due to the change in customers and market trends worldwide. Survey data shows the rise of the jewelry market, which is expected to reach more than $200 billion by 2025.

Impressed by these figures? Want to tap into the online jewelry business and increase your wholesale sales?

We are here with some remarkable tactics to direct you in the right direction. In this blog, we will discuss how to manage, build, and increase your wholesale online jewelry sales. But first things first.


Why Should You Sell Wholesale Jewelry Online?


Online shopping became a trend due to the widespread use of the internet. Now, the global pandemic has changed customers’ behavior altogether. Clients want to get everything at their doorsteps. Be it retail or wholesale customers, everyone prioritizes their safety over everything else.

The common notion that wholesales businesses can't work well online is long gone. If you haven’t already started selling online, it's time for you to ensure your eCommerce presence.   

The wholesale jewelry business suits eCommerce for a couple of reasons.


  • Products are lightweight. Therefore, they are easier to ship even when the products are in huge volumes.
  • Jewelry items can be customized by taking preorders.
  • Alterations can be made in the items easily.


Above all, eCommerce enhances the customer shopping experience. They can conveniently shop anywhere and at any time. Hence, it's a win-win situation for online wholesale jewelry businesses.


How to Boost Wholesale Jewelry Business Through eCommerce


Managing an online wholesale business can pose some challenges. However, with the right eCommerce strategies and tools, you can grow your online jewelry sales effectively.


  • Develop Your Online Store


In online business, your website is the face of your business. Like a physical store, it needs maintenance.

Invest in a website. Your site should be easy to navigate. The graphical interface should appeal to the customers. Take high-resolution product pictures for display. Add details and provide all the necessary information about the products. Make sure that the website is optimized for mobile use. 


  • Offer Specials to the Customers


Special wholesale offers are a great way to attract customers. Exclusive offers give you an edge over your competitors.

Research the market. Understand general customer behavior and market trends. Explore your competitors’ strategies too. Come up with unique promotional offers to draw the customers’ attention. You can offer free shipping for a specific order value, provide discounts on first orders, or propose limited-time offers.


  • Optimize Your Business Operations


Inventory management is a key factor in online business management. In wholesale businesses, you deal with huge volume orders. Hence, a systematic approach to managing the stocks is necessary for proper operations. Streamline your inventory by using inventory management tools.

SeeBiz Inventory is an ideal choice for inventory management. It monitors the stock in real-time and provides valuable data.  The app will optimize the order fulfillment time and automate business processes effectively. It also provides detailed insights into business performances and helps improve strategies.


  • Elevate Your Marketing Efforts


You might have heard about marketing is not as effective in the wholesale business as in retail. Well, it's a wrong perception. You can never underestimate the power of marketing. No matter how big your online store is, customers will only know about your brand if you market it properly.

There are plenty of platforms to promote your business.


  • Choose the right platform for you.
  • Create exceptional marketing campaigns.
  • Highlight your unique selling points.
  • Use aesthetics and incorporate ongoing trends in your advertisements.
  • Market your cause and stay ahead of the competitors.


  • Join an Online Marketplace


Online marketplaces are an effective way to increase sales. Plenty of marketplaces are in effect nowadays. These platforms drive traffic in huge volumes. Therefore, a marketplace is an efficient way to promote your business and drive sales. Choose a platform and register yourself there.

SeeBiz is one of its kind online marketplaces for B2B businesses. It connects thousands of businesses. You can connect with customers as well as thousands of vendors there. This marketplace will boost your wholesale jewelry business. Register your business and enjoy the perks of a unique online marketplace.


  • Maintain Your Product Quality


Product quality is a brand’s identity. Hence, you should never compromise on it. Maintain the production standards and try to provide customers with what you have promised.

One bad experience can take away many other customers from your brand. Satisfied customers eventually become your brand ambassadors. They refer your brand to others and improve sales. Uphold your brand standards and stay at the top.


  • Enhance Your Customer Service


In the online wholesale business, customer service holds a very prominent place. It's a sure way to earn customer loyalty. Improve your customer support and order fulfillment time. Fulfill your commitments and make sure to deliver the orders on time. 


  • Keep Up with the Trends


Market and customer trends keep on changing. A product ranked as the best seller may not do well in the market in a month or so. Therefore, keeping up with the changing trends is important to stay in the game.

SeeBiz Inventory smartly analyzes customer behavior and market trends. It provides insightful reports of sales. This data enables you to maintain your business progress and keep up with the changing trends.


Summing Up the Discussion


Give a boost to your online sales by using the right tools. SeeBiz Inventory offers ultimate inventory management solutions. Moreover, it's free for the first three months. You can explore all its features including the premium ones in the trial period. So, don't wait up, take the opportunity, and integrate it to boost your eCommerce sales.

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