EA has extended the duration of its free upgrade offer for the next-generation version of Madden 21

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Madden NFL 21 publisher Electronic Arts has extended the duration of its free upgrade offer for the next-generation version of the game, changing its policy in response to criticism from fans and the media. Now, the promotion will be valid all the way until Madden NFL 22 is released in the summer of 2021.

EA announced its offer in early May during an Inside Xbox episode focusing on Xbox Series X games, in which Microsoft revealed nine titles from third-party publishers that would be part of the company’s Smart Delivery initiative. Supporting Smart Delivery means that customers who buy the Xbox One version of the game in question will receive a free upgrade to the improved Xbox Series X version once it’s released — rather than having to buy the same game on both platforms. In addition, our site 5mmo.com has a large quantity of safe Madden NFL 21 Coins For Sale.

However, EA took a different approach that it calls “Dual Entitlement.” That’s because the publisher put time constraints on the offer, saying that in order to be eligible for it, Madden NFL 21 customers would have to buy the game on Xbox One by Dec. 31, 2020, and redeem the upgrade on Xbox Series X by March 31, 2021. The Xbox Series X is scheduled to launch this holiday season, so this policy would’ve left out anyone who didn’t buy the next-gen console within its first five or so months on the market. The qualifiers also risked confusing consumers by muddling the message on Microsoft’s simple program, as I argued in an opinion piece.

There isn’t much to say about what this year’s installment of Madden will entail, although EA has promised an experience on next-gen consoles that’s “distinct” from what you get with current-gen hardware. It’s safe to presume that upgraded visuals will be part of the package — it’s just a question of whether EA will take advantage of the extra power for AI, physics and other aspects that more directly affect gameplay.


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