A forum Twitback member's introduction to geometry dash

In Geometry Dash online, you must jump over all hurdles

Geometry Dash is a hybrid of two of the most frustrating games you'll ever play: As a hopping-happy symbol, the goal is to complete each level in one sitting. You have an unlimited number of tries, but if you miss a hop or make some other error, you must start again.

To jump, the player can press on the screen on touchscreen devices, hit the spacebar or up arrow on a keyboard, left-click with a mouse, or press A on a controller.
The player can hold down the jump to constantly interact with certain vehicles.

How to play:
Use mouse or WASD or arrow key
You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

Click on the link to see more new games: https://geometry-dash.co

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