If I Was In Heaven For A Day I had Have Wished For This Foot Reflexology Massage

I for sure know my answer, and yes, I’d certainly wish for a HealthCure Massage Botany team too.

What would you do if you could go to heaven for one day? 



Okay, you take your time to think. I’ll tell you mine. 


A month ago, I wanted to chill. You know, just put my feet up and relax and have some time to myself. I chose HealthCure Massage for this purpose. 


The foot reflexology massage seemed like something I would find rejuvenating. 

What exactly did my massage at the Auckland centre involve? 


Zone therapy or reflexology is the technique of stimulating certain points on the foot and thus helping blood flow in the rest of the body, alleviating pain, providing relief and simply benefiting the deeper tissues and muscles. 


Oh, man! This was amazing! 


I thought why to stop at the foot reflexology massage, and decided to try out their deep tissue massage the next month. 


Now the magic behind the deep tissue massage is that it reaches the very core of your body. Where no physical pressure can reach. 

This place has some amazing therapies it offers


Apart from the foot reflexology massage and the deep tissue massage, these guys have so many more therapies. 

These include: 


  • Hot stones therapy uses the basalt rock to provide relief and heat, which further enables the blood vessels to expand.
  • Pregnancy massage you can surprise your pregnant friends with should you be at a loss for a baby shower gift.
  • Relaxation therapy that well keeps up to its name.
  • Sports massage in Auckland for your athletic needs. 
  • Seated massage 
  • Indian head massage using ancient and traditional Indian hand movements. 
  • Myofascial release in Auckland drains the body waste thus relieving swelling. 
  • Therapeutic massage.

The Auckland sports massage 


Athletes are constantly in the endeavour of increasing their performance and bettering it. 


A sports massage greatly helps in keeping them active in mind and body and relieving the aches and pains that are associated with the sport. Often sprains and strains become a common feature while playing a sport. A massage increases lubrication in the area and increases the range of motion, so as to let the joints be flexible enough. 


I think a sports massage at this Auckland massage centre is a great idea for all sportspersons out there who feel that they are fatigued due to the long hours that the game demands. 

The myofascial release in Auckland is heavenly


The connective tissue of the body is stretched and kneaded in order to relieve knots that are present in the area. 


The massage known as the myofascial release massage is one that is acclaimed for treating pains experienced in the muscles throughout the body. 


When these connective tissues are massaged, there are nerve impulses that travel down the spinal column and this rejuvenates the body. 


Back to the question with which I began. If you were in heaven for a day, what would you wish for? 

I for sure know my answer, and yes, I’d certainly wish for a HealthCure Massage Botany team too.

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