This Century-Old Head Massage Auckland Can Help You Feel Rejuvenated Again!

The Indian head massage Auckland aims at relieving stress, improving flexibility and movements in the neck, shoulders, and head.

Indian head massage is centuries old and was first practised in India and its surrounding countries. The Indian head massage focuses on relieving stress, stiffness and tension from the neck, shoulders and head using massage methods that are deep tissue-stimulating and fast-paced.


With HealthCure Indian Head Massage Auckland, you will have a reason less to travel to India as our experts provide authentic Indian head massage in our massage centres!


All our centres (including HealthCure Head Massage Pakuranga) offer Indian head massage.


This article explores the benefits of Indian head massage and why your Indian massage therapist near me search ends at HealthCure massage Pakuranga!


Why Indian massage Auckland?


The Indian head massage roots from India, a land that's known for its Ayurvedic medicine practices, yoga and massage therapy that's known to heal the body from within. With the Indian head massage Auckland, our therapist will aim to deliver the same benefits of massage therapy to you.



The Indian head massage Auckland aims at relieving stress, improving flexibility and movements in the neck, shoulders and head. Additionally, unlike other massage methods that require you to dress down, this massage therapy doesn't have such a requirement and you can enjoy the benefits and effects of Indian head massage Auckland while just being seated.


Furthermore, head massage therapy is safe for all age groups and even pregnant women can enjoy the benefits of it without having to worry!


While massage therapy is an elixir for people who constantly experience neck, shoulder and head pains, there are certain conditions that must be kept in mind while considering the Indian head massage. If you have any of these conditions, avoid getting a head massage or consult your doctor or physician before making a decision.


These conditions are:


  • Dental condition/procedures that has anything to do with the jaw
  • Neck issues that have a direct effect on its ability to move normally
  • Cancer patients and people with autoimmune disorders need to confirm with their doctors and physicians before they decide on getting the Indian head massage
  • During high-risk pregnancy
  • Any type of infection that can spread through contact
  • People who are recovering from an injury

While the Indian head massage is excellent to get rid of neck stiffness and shoulder pain, it is still best to consult your doctor or physician if you are undergoing treatment for something serious.





Because the head massage is deeply stimulating and while the massage is in progress, our massage therapist will assess all areas that need to be treated. We don't want to hurt parts of your body that are recovering from trauma or injury of any sort. While the massage is great for pain relief and stress relief, is it still not advised for people with serious conditions to undergo it due to the potential complications the Indian head massage can contribute to.


How will the Indian head massage Auckland therapy start at HealthCure Massage (including HealthCure Massage Pakuranga)?


At HealthCure Massage Auckland, you are our priority and that's why, before the commencement of the massage therapy, our certified therapist will explain the whole process and the kind of products we shall be using during the course of Indian head massage.


We also use organic and traditional Indian head massage essentials including oils and balm blends. All our tables are adjusted to ensure maximum comfort during the massage.


While the massage is done while you seated, our massage therapist may wrap a towel around your neck to prevent any oil drops or splashes from happening. Moreover, once your massage therapy has concluded, we shall be leaving you alone for some time to relax and reflect on how you want to plan the day ahead.


Our massage therapist may confirm if you have any particular allergies or if certain movements cause your head to spin or nauseates you. Just in case these questions aren't asked, please inform the massage therapist immediately to prevent any discomfort from the massage therapy.


How long will my Indian head massage Auckland appointment last?


While booking for your Indian massage session at HealthCure Massage, you can pick a range of massage therapies and the duration of the massage course. 


The appointments can vary from anywhere between 15 minutes to 60 minutes (and even more). Additionally, you can combine more than one massage type to get the best benefits from your stay at HealthCure Massage. 


What to wear to an Indian head massage Auckland appointment?


With massage therapy, the main aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. While it can be possible that you might be heading directly to our massage centre after a long day at work, here's what we recommend in such a case:


  • Pack an additional pair of loungewear
  • Drink plenty of water before your appointment
  • Avoid heavy meals
  • Avoid alcohol consumption preferably 24 hours before the massage
  • If you can, pack a pair of relaxed sliders or sandals
  • Book for your appointment around the weekend as the massage therapy make you sleepy
  • Don't have any plans that require you to go outside
  • Temporary muscle soreness is common. If it continues past a week, consult a doctor


Things to be careful of after the Indian head massage Auckland


The oil used for the head massage carries nutrients that can be beneficial for your hair and scalp health. Consider not washing them off and leave them on overnight if possible.


Body aches are normal after the massage as the body is working to expel toxins out of the system. We advise you to take a warm water shower to lessen the pain.


Don't dive into watching movies or playing games. The massage will energise you and it is best to relax in your bed instead of spending time on the screen.


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