Why the sound insulation of doors and windows is not ideal

Doors and windows have good sound insulation, sealing and heat preservation effects. Among them, good sound insulation is relative to plastic steel doors and windows. Why do some consumers say that the sound insulation effect of doors and windows is not as good as consumers imagine? Today


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Doors and windows have good sound insulation, airtightness, and heat preservation. The sound is relatively good for steel doors and windows. Why do some consumers respond to the terms of sound insulation windows and not as good as consumers think? Today, on this issue, we will analyze and explain.

1. Generally include residential buildings: neither the street nor the trains or planes. For such a community design, it is the most ideal choice to use door and window companies as soundproof and sealed windows. There is no more suitable than this kind of window. It is needed here. Our country's target is generally considered in terms of community management.

2. The neighborhood where the street train passes by: This kind of management area for ordinary enterprises has very high requirements for sound insulation. You can choose the 70 series or 80 series for doors and windows, and the glass material to choose double-layer hollow glass. This kind of window has a general sound insulation. The sound insulation effect of the residential area is better. For consumers who are not sensitive to the i noise problem, it can be said that China has good sound insulation.

3. Owners, the sound effect of ordinary insulating glass can not meet their needs for high sensitivity to noise or sleep requirements. We know that low-frequency noise of cars, trains, airplane noise, and insulating glass are very loud and high-frequency noise, but for low-frequency noise The insulation is relatively poor.

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