Aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip

Generally speaking, some aluminum alloy door and window sealing strips on the market are made of PVC. This is a material that has been eliminated in China, because this different material is not environmentally friendly and can be ****e to aging. Nowadays, EPDM sealing tape is popular in t


Aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip 1.8 m aluminium sliding door

1. Judging from the appearance

Observe whether the surface of the rubber strip is smooth and beautiful without jagged marks. Filled with soft PVC sealing strips, the surface is rough, non-bright, and deformed. In summer, whether the contact surface between the aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip and the profile is stained or discolored, yellowing and oily. replace sliding glass door with folding doors

2. Judging from the feel

It feels fine, soft, and stretches gently without breaking when you touch it with your hand. It quickly releases the bend and returns to its original shape, and the elasticity is good. Filled PVC has poor sealing strength, cuts and folds, and the thing cracks. aluminium folding door accessories

3. Judging from the smell

The high-quality sealant strip is made of an EPDM rubber material. The nose smells, and there is no peculiar smell, green development, environmental protection, and pollution-free. Inferior sealant strips not only have a strong peculiar smell, but also have strong irritation and are harmful to the human body. This affects the sealant strips will quickly become hard and brittle, and cannot really achieve the effect of improving the sealing.


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