I think that runescape should have a new theiving mini-game

I think that runescape should have a new theiving mini-game

To find an ATM card you'd talk to the banker, and OSRS Accounts he'd tell you they costed 3k (cost could be altered, according to the feedback I receive ). If you had chose to buy one, then you'd give the banker the 3k and he'd provide you the ATM card. ATM cards could have 5 charges. This means you can take out 5 items from your bank. After all of the charges were gone, the card would vanish and you would have to purchase a new one. ATM cards would be Untradeable. That is a rough idea, any feedback will be appreciated.

I think that runescape should have a new theiving mini-game that is sort of a mix of bounty hunter and celebration petes. SO here is my description. You visit the main building and there is a few portals for different level theiving players. In the corner there is a big black portal that you can click on it and it will say -"deposit portal" and when you do You Could enter any items you want in it and then they will be put from the portal site and teleported to a participant in the theiving area (the worth of the Product that is teleported to a player depends on his theiving level, for example a level 30 might get a rune scimitar and a level 80 theif might Find a amulet of fury or a god sword blade along with a level 90 may Find a dchain and upward )

So lets say you've got 99 theif. . You may go in the maximum lvl portal and you will be in a giant location with hiding areas and buildings and other things you can hide in... Well at the corner of your screen there is a thing that tells you a possibly 5 of your current targets to steal out there may be a theif target ocate spell (that might be too similar to bh though ) an dwhen you find the target you hav emultiple options of how you setal from him such as NEW manners of theiving like possibly for instance you may have a bird to grab something out of his pocket/overall body and more ways that I havn't thaught of nonetheless.

Well now I will tell you about the things portal the things portal site is split into price ranges like something that's worth 20k and is put in the lowest section of the theiving stadium and items that are 1m to Buy RuneScape Gold enjoy 4m are placed at the medium level stadium an ditems value 5m and upwards are at the maximum level arena and they are autimaticaly teleported into a player that has a god theiving lvl so it's harder to get it out of him ( so like when there has been a dchain it would be placed in the inventory of a high lvl theiving participant so it's more difficult to get an dif it's a rune scimmy it woul be put in the stock of a minimal level player and ect.) But should you get your item people slip from you CANNOT take it from teh stadium OR were/weild/destroy/utilize it whatsoever!!!


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