Off White Store a bench

Off White Store a bench

The Off-White Air Force 1 sneakers are being resold for more than $1,800. "There's something about that synergy - the mix of the people with the temperature - that I wanted to use as the muse," said the designer, who - when he's in the city - loves to sit on Off White Store a bench and people watch, taking in "this cross-section of rich and elite and also thugs and street kids."

While you may already have your sneakers, dorm room decor, and so on, one of the most important purchases you can make this time of year is the bag you'll be lugging around with you from class to class.

I was asking our customers. The latest thrilling thing to come from vanguard designer Virgil Abloh's buzzy streetwear label, Off-White, is not some exclusive product you must know someone who knows someone to buy.

Typically, when there is a shake-up in creative director, not much is revealed until the runway (the first of which will take place in Paris this June).

It's raining. Oversized clothes and sleeves turn a person into a child. Designed by Virgil Abloh (a close friend of Kanye West) Off-White's denim has rapidly become the favorite of fashion and music aficionados alike.

The success of Netflix's The Home Edit is an excellent case in point. Spotting a Hadid on a runway is nothing new.

For these five supermodels, all beauty ambassadors of L'Oreal Paris, recognizing a star in the making is a skill honed from experience.

Model and social media queen Chrissy Teigen has announced the launch of a new range of eyewear with Quay Australia.

He does, however, namecheck Steve Jobs and the infamous iPod Nano unveiling when he, out of the blue (or quite literally from behind the lectern), pulls out a prototype of his shoe collaboration with Nike.

Through Off-White, Abloh has found a way to fuse streetwear with steadfast elegance. If anybody from a corporation is watching, write that down.

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