Gallbladder stones: causes, symptoms and treatment

We saw that gallstones is a very uncomfortable disease, the causes and symptoms can scare you, however going back to comfort from discomfort can be easily achieved through laparoscopy.

We say that no disease is incurable if the right treatment is given at the right time and now with the advancement of technology and invention of modern surgical methods such as laparoscopy, you should not be afraid to get operated on.

Gallbladder stones is one such painful disease that shouldn’t be neglected or it could be fatal. You should get treated by the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Jaipur without delay if you are infected.

Today on behalf of Dr. Vipin Jain we will know about Gallbladder stone’s causes, symptoms, and most importantly how you can get treated?

What are gallbladder stones?

Gallbladder stones often referred to as gallstones by surgeons, is a painful disease in which, crystal masses form in your gallbladder or bile ducts from bile pigments, cholesterol and calcium salts. The stones block your bile ducts. You can experience severe pain or bleeding while passing stool or urine.

Gallstones: causes 

There are various causes of gallstones, some of which can be prevented early.

  • If you are overweight, then you are more likely to form gallbladder stones, you can exercise daily to prevent this cause.
  • Females, who have surplus estrogen levels from plentiful pregnancies, hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, can increase cholesterol levels in your bile, slow down emptying of the gallbladder, and form gallstones, you can prevent these by using better options to reduce pregnancies, take an alternative to birth control pills or avoid hormone replacement therapy, if possible.
  • If there is acute inflammation in your gall bladder wall.
  • If you have a hereditary blood disorder such as sickle cell anemia, you are likely to form gallstones, if you are mentally prepared to take the risks then you can get the disorder treated to prevent this cause.
  • If you are dieting excessively or consuming certain cholesterol-reducing drugs, then you have the risk of getting gallstones, you can however stop dieting or strictly follow a diet plan and stop taking cholesterol-reducing drugs and exercise daily to prevent this cause.

Gallstones: symptoms

In case you weren’t able to prevent the causes and got infected with gallstones, rush to your doctor immediately in case of the following symptoms.

  • You can have severe rapidly increasing pain in the upper right of your abdomen, it can last from a few minutes to hours of discomfort.
  • You may have pain in the back between your shoulder blades.
  • You may also have pain under the right shoulder.
  • You may have nausea, or you may frequently vomit.
  • Unwanted gas may form in your abdomen, causing it to bloat.
  • You can also have the urge to eat fatty foods intolerably, you may also have burping and indigestion-like issues.

Treatment of gallstones

Laparoscopy is the preferred method for Gall Bladder Stone Treatment in Jaipurit is now also known as the gold standard in surgery.

The laparoscopic procedure used to treat gallstones is called laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The surgeon will make a few tiny incisions in the abdomen and then insert instruments into it along with a telescope attached to a video monitor. The surgeon can see the zoomed-in view of the infection on the screen, the specialist will then separate your gallbladder from your liver and ducts.

You will recover within hours of surgery and then go back to your normal routine within a week of rest at home.

Dr. Vipin Jain

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