Blizzard Addresses World Of Warcraft: Classic Issues With Black Lotus Spawns is a secure marketplace that offers cheap Vanilla WOW Gold & WOW Classic Gold.

The Black Lotus is the rarest herb and one of the most sought-after crafting reagents in World of Warcraft Classic. And today, Blizzard announced that it intends to make some slight changes to the way that it spawns in the open world.

In the original iteration of WoW, the Black Lotus had about 10 spawn locations in just a few of the world’s highest level zones. Despite having just a few spots that it could be found, the herb had a high level of rarity to it because only one could spawn in a zone at a time. After one was picked, it would take between 45 to 90 minutes for the next one to pop up.

This wasn’t too much of an issue for WoW in the original version of the game. But with the increased population in Classic relative to vanilla and the amount of knowledge the player base has at its disposal, farming Black Lotuses started to get out of hand. And if you want to buy WOW Classic US Gold, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Blizzard has now made changes to account for the increased populations that should leave the flowers still rare, but more inline with the original intent from Vanilla. Additionally they are implementing changes in the Warsong Gulch battleground. Players have taken to finding exploitative areas where the opposite faction is not able to reach them in order to return their flag. In this case the changes Blizzard is making is a little more… interesting.

They talked about the possibility of using invisible gates but from what they said that doesn’t work for all scenarios. Accordingly if you go into one of those areas, you’ll just die instead.Hopefully that will correct the behavior issues we’ve been seeing in the PvP battleground, but you can always count on players to show ingenuity when finding exploits.


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