Here's How to Buy a Used Car the Smart Way

Check out our selection of used vehicles available at Darby Auto Center. Our dealership serves the cities of Darby, Philadelphia, Collingdale, Southwest Philadelphia, Kingsessing, Lansdowne, Aldan, Clifton Heights, Springfield, Darby Township, Folcroft, PA.

High-quality used cars and trucks represent excellent value. It's why about 40 million pre-owned vehicles will sell in the U.S. this year compared to 17 million new ones. If you're in the Delaware Valley, it's helpful to find the best used car dealership in Philadelphia. They're ready to help you with your excellent customer service, a wide selection of pre-owned cars and trucks, and dealer-provided financing. If you've had past credit problems, their buy here pay here service will put you in a new ride hassle-free—the best thing for you when shopping is to choose the best vehicle for your needs.


It's an excellent idea to apply for used car financing before you start to shop. When you have your loan amount settled, you can look only at cars and trucks in your price range. Also, submit your information online from your smartphone or computer. It's the most direct way to get your application into the hands of the loan approver. When you've found the car you want, it's a straightforward process to buy it when you have your loan pre-approved. Most dealership websites today have built-in loan application portals. They allow you to submit your information in a convenient, user-friendly format securely.


More than a few automotive experts recommend that you make a list before starting to shop. Write down all the things you'd like in a used car or truck and stick to them as you browse. It's also wise to begin your search online, where you can review hundreds of vehicles in a single sitting. If you're on a website with easy comparison features, you can see the differences among cars and what each one offers uniquely. Everyone loves a bargain, and buying for a fair price is wise, but make sure you consider quality as well. The point of your search is to find a car that will last and perform well.


Think carefully about your auto loan duration. Longer loans mean more money paid in interest. You may need to borrow a smaller amount to have payments you can afford for fewer years (thus reducing interest expense). Buying a new ride is a significant purchase, and most people need an auto loan. Try to make the equation work more in your favor by being disciplined about your financing agreement's amount and duration. You also want to have payments you can afford so you're not strapped every month. It requires careful planning and consideration to get what's best for you.



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