Kiss Those Bad Hair Days Goodbye Forever

Curly, frizzy, unruly, knotty hair is every woman and some men’s worst nightmare. So, what do we do?

Apply enormous amounts of heat to our hair to make it look good for a day or two, but at what cost? That heat can, in the long run, only worsen the condition of your hair, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Many woman and men, frustrated with their hair, result to tying it up as best they can, but sometimes life requires you to let your hair down (excuse the pun). So, what can these curly headed people do? Well, they can go for a Cacau keratin treatment of course!

You might be wondering what exactly a Cacau keratin treatment is and what exactly it can do for your hair. Well, if you continue reading, we will discuss exactly that. Hair treatments, for taming the mane, have come a long way. This is coming from a woman who, unfortunately, had the displeasure of having a chemical straightening ‘treatment’ in the early 2000s. Times were tough and apparently yours scalp needed to be tougher. Not to mention, your neck. Back in the day, chemical straightening treatments required a bunch of different chemicals and heat to be applied to your hair, which, let me tell you, weighed your neck down like there was no tomorrow, as well as caused a lot more damage than good.

A Cacau keratin treatment is far from a chemical straightening treatment, while some aspects are the same, and the results obtained from both treatments are the same, these treatments vastly differ. This keratin treatment is an updated version of a chemical straightening treatment, as the need for an updated one was greatly needed. It provides much more advantages than disadvantages, whereas the same could not be said for chemical straightening treatments.

Cacau keratin treatments are great alternatives to straightening your hair almost every day and there are a few reasons why. Hair dryers and straighteners are amazing devices, however, the damage they inflict, if used too often, is not. Even if you use heat defense sprays before straightening your hair, you are still taking in much of that damage. When you opt to put the straightener away and go for keratin treatments, you are protecting your natural curl pattern. When you straighten your hair constantly, you ruin your natural curl pattern and that results in a head of half curls and half straight hair, which looks as funny as it sounds.

Luckily for us curly haired men and woman, many salons offer Cacau keratin treatments, as this is a treatment that can only be done by the professionals, because messing up this treatment can result in less favorable results. The advantages of Cacau keratin treatments are amazing, they make your hair look as good as new with extra added shine, and hair that does not tangle at all and no longer has unsightly kinks or curls.

John Driver

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