Microsoft demonstrated its new ‘Holoportation’ at the Microsoft Ignite Keynote-2021

The growth of technology and everlasting scientific research has opened the scope for limitless technological endeavors, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-based computing algorithms, and whatnot.

The growth of technology and everlasting scientific research has opened the scope for limitless technological endeavors, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-based computing algorithms, and whatnot. The technological growth that the 21st century is witnessing must be applauded as it helps us unfold the noble possibilities secrets of science. For instance, consider the telecommunication sector, which now enables us to engage with our loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances through video conferencing. Is this all that this sector has to offer? Wait before you anticipate!


Imagine yourself being hundreds of miles away from your family and a new technology enables you to provide full presence to your family members while interacting with them. What if you could virtually walk with them, talk with them, and demonstrate yourself, as well. Teleportation remains a unsolved mystery for now, but virtual teleportation is the new reality.


The world has enjoyed the discovery of numerous revolutionary communication technology in the last few decades. We all have moved from simple hand-written telegrams to digital communication technologies. Primitive methods enabled us to deliver our thoughts intentions through texts, while modern technology facilities direct virtual interactions. This consistent growth in the concerned industry marks Holoportation as the future.




Holoportation is an end-to-end technology for augmented virtual reality presence. This system enables the user to use a fully-digital, high-quality 3D reconstruction of material or their own body to form a digital avatar. This avatar can be used in the digital world to create an atmosphere of virtual reality connect with remote users. Through their avatar, the users can attend virtual meetings and interact with others in a real-time atmosphere while being on the digital platform. Unlike the current avatar-based technology, Holoportation enables the user to employ more realistic avatars for resemblance. 


Microsoft presents the world with Holoportation!


Earlier this month, Microsoft demonstrated the potential of its new ‘Holoportation technology at its Microsoft Ignite 2021 Keynote. The event was hosted on Ignite Conference Virtual stage through ‘Holoportation’ to demonstrate this technology’s feasibility. Mr. Alex Kipman, technical fellow for AI at Microsoft, explained to the attendees how this superior technology would aid work, learning, scientific research, travel-based collaborations. Further delivering his keynote address, Mr. Kipman enunciated about the key benefits of mixed reality that has always been the ability to represent self across both space and time. ‘This technology allows us to walk in a manufacturing facility with someone and enjoy the same feeling of presence’, added Mr. Kipman.


Taking a step further, Microsoft has also installed a holographic lab on the Ocean X research vessel to facilitate underwater research. Onboard scientists researchers can make use of HoleLens to examine underwater activities while others can teleport their avatars for collaboration. 


How does the future look like with Holoportation?


The newly-launched virtual collaboration platform is named Microsoft Mesh, which runs on Azure-Microsoft’s cloud platform. It has been integrated with Altspace. Microsoft also has its intentions to integrate Mesh with Microsoft Teams Microsoft Dynamics 365. Mr. Guy Laliberte, the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, while attending the virtual conference through Holoportation, announced that he intends to build Hanai World by employing Microsoft mesh.


Sectors where Holoportation is a definite YES:


  • Real-time games
  • Scientific research collaborations
  • Education
  • Corporate meetings presentations


What can you conclude about Holoportation for now?


Holoportation is mainly in the research phase for now. Still, it is by far the most sophisticated technology that is going to revolutionize the way we communicate, learn, and interact.


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SOURCE : Microsoft Ignite Keynote


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