The Perfect Gift for Your Beach-Bum Best Friend!

Is there a special someone’s birthday around the corner, but you have no idea what to get them?

Well, there are several different paths you can go down, websites you can visit, or steps you can take to find the perfect gift for your best friend, family member, or work colleague. In most cases, people will always tell you to purchase something that will be of sentimental value to them – whether it reminds them of an inside joke the two of you have, something from their childhood, or something that is unique to them and their interests in life.

Well, if you have a beach-bum as a best friend, there is one gift you could get them that they would most certainly appreciate. While it may not be deemed as the most glamorous of gifts, there are definitely ways that you can spice it up or make it special. “What is this gift?”, you ask. Well, printed beach towels, of course! Think about it, your friend practically lives at the beach, so why not buy them a stunning or funky beach towel that reflects their personality.

Whether you opt for a beach towel with a geometric design, a stunning portrait of the ocean, a beautiful floral pattern, a cute animal, or bursts of colours, they will appreciate it! The trick is to opt for a pattern or print that will reflect who they are as a person. Luckily, there are several different printed beach towels to choose from on the market.

However, if you are planning on purchasing them a towel, it would be wise to get them something else small too. Here, you could think of what other personality traits really stick out to you. Do they live in their flip flops? You could get them a keychain of a flip flop! Do they love to surf? You could get them a cute surfboard trinket! The possibilities of gifts are endless.

If you purchase your friend a beach towel, you need to ensure you are purchasing one of a high quality, as, since they are a beach bum, they are most likely going to be using it every other day, if not daily. Therefore, when looking for suppliers, there are a few considerations to keep top of mind.

For starters, do not pay exorbitant amounts for a beach towel. Remember, price does not always ensure quality. Therefore, opt for a supplier that can provide you with the most value. Do they offer delivery? How close is their company to you if you need to collect the item? Do they have a wide variety of prints for you to choose from? All these points need to be considered and researched. Finally, to go back to the point of the towel needing to be of a high quality, you could either ask the supplier what the quality is like, or if you would rather test it out yourself, ask them if you could go to the store to give it a feel.

John Driver

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