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Expert Metal Roof Repair Prospect and Brighton by Top Roof Restoration Adelaide

The masters of tile roof repair Morphett Vale offers valuable insights into metal roof repair Brighton and Prospect

Tile roof repairs are quite a common occurrence. Be it lack of proper care and maintenance, forces of nature or just poor quality of tile and workmanship, instances of tile roof repair Morphett Vale has been a constant demand for Top Roof Restoration Adelaide, the premier roofing, roof restoration and roof repair company near you!

At Top Roof Restoration Adelaide, we house a team of the finest roofing experts that you can ask for. With years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge and expertise, Top Roof Restoration Adelaide has established itself as the go-to company for all your roofing needs. 

Throughout the course of our diverse experience, we have very frequently come across tile roof repair projects in places like Adelaide, Morphett Vale, Brighton and Prospect. 

But we have come across a rather common practice among homeowners in Prospect and Brighton… something that really pleases us!


Metal roof installation

So it is of little wonder that we get incredibly busy with metal roof repair Prospect and metal roof repair Brighton on a regular basis.

Indeed, metal roofs are one of the best options to go for in terms of adequate and efficient roofing solutions. This is an established fact among Australia's best roof restoration and roof repair companies.

But there's a catch…

Most people tend to believe certain myths about metal roofs that actually go on to hinder them from choosing metal roofs for their homes. 

So our roofing experts at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide have decided to write down this article to break some myths on metal roof installation, thereby convincing you to opt for perhaps the best roofing material for your home: metal. 

With that being said, let's get on with some myth-breaking pointers!


Top 3 Metal Roof Repair Myths Broken by Top Roof Restoration Adelaide!

Here are myths that we are going to bust for good!

  1. Shingles are better than metal roofs

No, just no. Yes, shingles enjoy widespread popularity as they're cheap and easy to install. However, the massive popularity of shingles is attributed to the fact that shingles give a sense of familiarity. 

Shingles are clearly inferior owing to the following reasons:

  • They don't last long
  • Susceptible to damage
  • Their low energy efficiency pages the way to higher electricity bills

  1. Metal roofs get unbearably hot in sunlight

While metal roofs can be hot to touch, it does not mean that your house interiors are getting hot. In fact, metal roofs help to keep your home interiors cool! This can be attributed to two properties of metal roofs: reflectivity and emissivity. 

Through reflectivity, as the name suggests, the metal roof reflects sunlight back into the atmosphere to a large extent. Secondly, emissivity lets the sunlight get deflected instead of being absorbed. As such, the 'hotness' of the metal roof is due to the surface giving back sunlight on immediate contact. 

The first property is reflectivity. This simply means that sunlight that hits the metal roofs reflects back. Secondly, they possess high emissivity. This means that they deflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it. While the metal roof would be hot, it's not because of absorbed heat. Rather, it's taking in all the heat from the sunlight and giving it back immediately. 

  1. Metal roofs get extremely noisy during rains

Let's face it… many people find the sound of rain hitting the roof extremely relaxing and they go on to have sound sleep (no pun intended) throughout the rainy night. 

However, we understand if you find the sound of rain to be disturbing for your sleep, we have you covered! You can install layers of padding within your roofing in order to cancel out the noise and help you sleep peacefully.  

We hope that we have been able to bust some common and misleading myths about metal roofs. 

Trust us, we are the premier roof restoration Adelaide company and have years of rich experience under our belt complemented by an exceptional track record of multiple successful roofing service projects in and around Adelaide. 

So please don't think twice and go ahead with metal roof installation! We have your back and will always be available to offer effective and affordable roof repair services for your home. 

Contact metal roofing experts at Top Roof Restoration Adelaide and get a FREE consultation, setting motion to your metal roof installation process!

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