Way of Animation Towards Oscar

In Film industry, Animation is considered as one of the toughest areas. It can take more than a few years for an animation film to be finalized and carried to theater screens.

In Film industry, Animation is considered as one of the toughest areas. It can take more than a few years for an animation film to be finalized and carried to theater screens. Animation is one of the hot topics that have been conversed for years. Earlier animation was considered as an entertainment medium only for kids that why there used to be disregard for it. But we all know the fact that both kids as well as adults both love animation equally. Animation helpful to amplify movement, duplicates live-action, and generates new and exciting outlines. Animation is one of the most challenging and versatile parts of cinematography, that is why increasingly adults are giving it additional credit instead of disregarding it as kid amusement.

Zootopia, Finding Dory and the R-rated Sausage party dominated the box office in 2016. But still animated movies are not getting much acknowledgement from the film industry.

Introduction of animation in Oscar as ‘Best Animated Feature Category’
In 2011, Oscar brought a new category in Academy awards: Best Animated Feature. This step was taken in response of animation fans and artists who were waiting for it.

The classification for Best Animated Feature at the Academy awards has definitely become a much loved of ours and countless animation fans across the universe. Animation industry leaders like Disney, DreamWorks and Pixar animation dominates this award every year. The first movie to win this award was Sherk. And after that a number of movies got this award over a span of 15 years. Movies includes such as Ratatouille, Fining Nemo, Happy Feet, Toy Story 3, Up, Wall-E, Inside Out win this award.
Despite the fact the Best Animated Feature award category was applauded and admired, could its introduction at the Academy award actually be restrictive the possibility of animations movies receiving the topmost award?
The addition of the Best Animated Feature group has assured animations will endure to be recognized at the Oscars. But according to some critics, the introduction of this award has actually stalled animation, in a way that lets the Oscar to evade nominating them in the Best Picture category.

Till now there are total three animation movies that are nominated for Best picture out of that 2 were nominated as Best Animated Feature Category.

• In 1992, Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture
• Up was nominated as Best Picture in 2010
• In 2011, Toy Story 3 was nominated as Best Picture
But in 2017 not a single animated movie was nominated for Academy awards. This year, Disney’s Moana and Zootopia both missed out Best picture nomination.

Future of Animation
Animation cinemas are becoming superior every year. The development in new animation techniques and technologies will help to generate more life-like animated characters which will result in more amazingly innovative animated movies. The solution of the overall issue about nomination of animated film in Academy award can be that the animated film should compete with live action film i.e. in Best Picture Category. The Oscar voters should treat both the films equally and not discriminate.

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