The Various Types of Wooden Structures

Over the past few years, the use of timber in various structural builds has increased significantly. Whether you are renovating your home or commercial property, or having an entirely new development built, there are several different ways that you can incorporate timber into your design.

By simply getting into contact with reputable structural timber suppliers, you can brainstorm with their team to determine how to best utilise timber in your design.

There are several different benefits to utilising timber, some of which include the fact that it is easy to fabricate and prepare; it is readily available; it is one of the safest materials in terms of your health, as it is non-toxic; it is cost-effective; it is anti-corrosive; and finally, it is versatile and exceptionally visually appealing.

At the end of the day, if you would like to add a unique touch to your home or commercial property, then opting for a timber structure is the way to go. There are also several different ways that you can incorporate timber into your development, whether it be via the flooring, a live-edge slab dining room table, a deck, joinery, stairs or balustrades, pergolas, cladding and screens, or furniture of sorts.

These various structures will be discussed below.

  • Timber flooring and decking: It should come as no surprise that wooden flooring and decking has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Not only does it provide the atmosphere with warmth and elegance, but it is also incredibly easy to maintain.


  • Outdoor structural timber: Whether you would like a decking sub-structure to provide shade, or something a little more open like a pergola, most timber suppliers will have a large inventory of timber for you to choose from.


  • Joinery timbers: “Joinery” essentially refers to items like doors, window frames, and shutters. While aluminium may be a popular choice nowadays, it cannot compare to the elegance, warmth, beauty, and sophistication of solid wood. For an earthy, modern, or beachy aesthetic, you can opt for such a structure!


  • Furniture timbers: If you are not too interested in incorporating timber into the physical build of your property, you can also always opt for wooden furniture or finishes. The sky is the limit when it comes to producing furniture from timber. Whether you would like a coffee table, bench, lounger, chair, or any other type of furniture, you can!


  • Live-edge slabs: Finally, structural timber suppliers can also offer you slabs for a dining room table of sheer royalty. Whatever your taste, size requirements, or budget, there will be a slab for you.

As you can see, there are several different ways that you can incorporate timber into your renovations or new developments, simply contact one of the several structural timber suppliers in your local region and find out whether they will be able to bring your vision to life! Remember, when looking for these suppliers, ensure you opt for one that is not only experienced in what they can offer you, but also trusted in the industry as a certified supplier.

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