Why Mobile-Friendly Functionality Is So Crucial For eCommerce Business Success

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It is crucial to include mobile-friendly functionality when you have an eCommerce web design agency designing your eCommerce site. There are a couple of decisions that are very important. One is how your website will cope with something called device detection. The developer will set up a mobile version of the main website to make your online presence "mobile-ready." It will have a lot of the same content and pages, but it will be viewed differently, which works well when seen on handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

When visitors and customers visit your eCommerce website, you'll want them to see the best version tailored for them. If they are visiting on a smartphone or desktop, you want them to see the full version. Even if they are visiting on their tablets, you want them automatically taken to the mobile view version. This is device detection.

Device detection makes your website understand automatically whether the visitor is using a mobile device or not and route them accordingly. So they don't have any trouble. When you are checking out any eCommerce web design agency, ask them how they will deal with device detection. This is fundamental, so if they don't have the right answer, thank them for their time and move on to the next candidate.

Do you know that there are at least two ways of identifying devices? They are called "client-side" and "server-side" device detection. The client-side is easier to set up and more cost-effective. But it only operates on more modern devices, and for all smartphone visitors, it can dramatically improve the web page load time. The server side is more challenging to set up, but functions such better in general. Make sure you choose the right eCommerce Web Design Agency that understands this.

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